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Global warming could threaten the world's wine supply


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Wine lovers, try not to panic too, much but you may want to sit down with a glass of your choice before reading this article...

We are all aware of the effects of global warming; but it seems melting ice caps and sea levels rising are the least of our worries, as a new study has shown that our wine supply is under threat.


SOS (Save our Sauvignon)

A new report in the journal Temperature found that the rising high temperatures in Mediterranean regions caused by global warming could potentially result in economic, productivity and labour losses for the wine industry.

Researchers studied grape pickers in Cyprus, who work in temperatures up to 36 degrees Celsius. The heat makes work conditions harder for the pickers which can lead to a significant labour loss of 27%.

There was also a decrease of 15% in the amount of time workers could carry out their duties, as there was an increased need for work breaks due to the heat.

Grapevines are also very responsive to their environment, which means a change in temperature and conditions could affect the taste.

However, the authors of the report did warn that this research should not be considered a large-scale study of the impact of global warming on agriculture workers. A more extensive study will have to take place to see how serious the situation is. The study is the first of its kind in Europe.

On the bright side, sales of English wine have increased significantly since temperatures are rising and British vineyards are thriving.

So enjoy your wine, as it might not be around forever. I’m off to buy several bottles…

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