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Czech nuclear power station holds bikini competition for interns


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A Czech nuclear power plant has had to apologize for holding a Facebook beauty contest in order to choose their new intern.

Power generation conglomerate CEZ posted ten pictures of high school graduates dressed in bikinis and posing in the cooling tower of the Temelin nuclear power plant.

The Facebook post had 1,300 likes and encouraged its followers to vote which they like best. The one with the most likes was to be titled “Bouncer of Energy” and would have been offered a two-week-long internship with the company.

The company claimed in a press release that this is part of their cultural enrichment programmes, which has previously included hosting the Bohemian Philharmonic at the plant in South Bohemia.

The release also claimed the experience was greatly enjoyed by the girls, who were required to wear hard hats and enclosed shoes at all times

Infocentrum JE Temelín CEZ/Facebook

The competition caused an outcry amongst Czech news and social media.

A Twitter user complained: "Undress and you get an internship - this cannot be serious, it's degrading, disgusting and primitive."

A spokesperson for CEZ said that the company offered around 900 internships and excursions for students every year.

While most of them are organised for the high schools and universities in their partnership programme, some of them are offered to winners of competitions, either organised by CEZ or a third party.

In this case, the participants of the annual beauty contest Maturantka Roku (Graduate of the Year) were photographed in the Temelin power plant.

The spokesperson explained that CEZ's motivation was not to search for new employees, but as a prize for participants in a beauty contest which was not organised by CEZ.

Maturantka Roku's website says that each year more than 600 girls take part in its contest, with finalists earning a modeling contract.

The operators of the 2,000 megawatt nuclear plant later apologized on Facebook and declared that all finalists have been offered an internship.

"The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education. But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry," they posted on Facebook. 

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