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Students in America are striking on 1st March


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On 1st March students in America will strike to protest against Trump and his policies.

The organisers describe themselves as “concerned students, representing different schools and groups”, working within the structure of a pre-existing group, RISE Grinnell.

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Students participating in the protest will not attend classes or school activities, and will host activities and events during the day instead, including creative direct action. Professors are being called on to cancel their classes, or hold teach-ins instead.

Ideas for events on the day include: topical street theatre; rallies and marches; call-ins or write-ins; volunteering for local organisations; and engaging in civil disobedience.

On this last point, the group advise caution – “many don't have the privilege to get arrested”.

Those organising the event say they are hoping for as many students to join them as possible across the country, in order to make sure their message is heard.

“Our power comes from our numbers, so your impact is maximized by bringing others in”.

The group's short term goal is to attract as much attention as possible, “recognizing that invariably some of that will be criticism.”

In the long term, their aim is to create a unified student opposition to Trump with the intention of making his administration reverse all actions contrary to human rights and the welfare of the environment.

“Specifically, this means we call on the Administration to:

- Accept the refugees that have been and will be turned away by the Executive Order

- Repeal the Muslim Ban Executive Order

- Halt illegal and dangerous pipeline construction — most notably the Dakota Access Pipeline

- Halt the construction of the wall

- Halt the crackdown on undocumented immigrants

- Full divestment from the Trump business and full disclosure of conflicts of interests

- Protect women’s access to healthcare abroad by ending the Global Gag Rule

- End the hate-inspiring white nationalist rhetoric

- Protect the health insurance of low-income Americans

- End the climate denial censorship of scientific government agencies”

This plan builds on a history of powerful student strikes, such as the 1970 student strike against the Vietnam War, and the 2012 Quebec Student Strike. With a co-ordinated effort, they say, attention will be attracted and resistance will be fostered.

“If you are truly unable to boycott your classes, consider taking a sick day for our sick country,” the group advises.

To find out more, go to their Facebook event or email

Lead image by Socialist Canada.

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