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Sasha Obama missed her father's farewell speech because she had an exam the next day


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Barack Obama’s farewell speech as president was an emotional rollercoaster, in which he said of his daughters Sasha and Malia: “Of all that I have done in my life, I am most proud to be your dad.”

His wife Michelle and daughter Malia were front-row for the tearful address, but the question on everyone’s lips was where on earth was Sasha?

And obviously, everyone respected the first daughter’s privacy and accepted she had a legitimate reason for not attending the speech. Ha – not really, this is the internet! Obviously a Twitterstorm was immediately set off as #WheresSasha started trending. People wanted answers, and they wanted them stat.

People just couldn’t fathom why she wouldn’t be there.

Even though it was a school night, surely she could still have made it – her dad is still the incumbent leader of the free world for Pete’s sake!

Then the conspiracy theories came rolling in, which ranged from the sublime…

To the ridiculous.

But then, finally, the truth was revealed. And, as always, the truth was much less exciting than the rumours. It turns out she had an exam at school the next morning so had to remain in D.C.

Many people appreciated Sasha’s dedication to her education.

We’re sure she’s gonna boss that test.

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