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'Get your mitts off my muff': This music video made by young people tackles FGM head on


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A youth-led charity has released a catchy music video to stand up against female genital mutilation (FGM).

The cutesy, cerise vibe of Integrate UK‘s latest YouTube offering belies the serious message within the lyrics – FGM is not OK, in any form.

The video features a variety of exquisitely-dressed men and women singing lyrics like “get your mitts off my muff” and “they say it’s ok for a little bit to be taken away from my clit – no thank you”.

FGM is the cutting and removal of women’s genitalia for no medical purpose. It can include removal or partial removal of a woman’s external genitalia, narrowing of the vaginal opening and other harmful procedures like pricking or cauterizing the genital area.

According to women’s rights charity Forward, 137,000 girls and women in the UK are are living with FGM and over 130 million worldwide have undergone an FGM procedure.

The practice is recognised globally as a violation of human rights with no health benefits.

Integrate UK campaigns on issues including FGM, violence against women and girls and extremism and radicalisation using videos and social media to spread their message to other young people in the UK. The charity has recently gone national following a successful start in Bristol.

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