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Five tips to stay healthy over the holiday season


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Christmas might be a lot of fun, but it's often no friend to your health.

With this in mind, here are our top tips to stay healthy over Christmas: 

1. Focus on the fun, not food

A number of holidays place an importance on food, Christmas especially so, however, there is so much more you can focus on. There are plenty of opportunities to switch things up and place emphasis on something else instead, especially if you are hosting the family over for the holidays. You could focus on family, activities, decorating, the list goes on!

2. Don’t break habit

If you typically workout in the morning, or eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at a certain time, don’t break these habits, especially during the busiest time of the year! Although you may need to alter eating times, such as adjusting your typical nine a.m. breakfast to something small like a piece of toast to hold you over while you wait for everyone to wake up for the full family breakfast. 


3. Make sure to always serve healthy meal options

When it is time to eat during the holidays, make sure you are conscious of what you eat. Moreover, ensure there are healthy options available (if you are hosting) or bring some of your own if you know there will not be any. This makes it easier for you and others to stay healthy during the holidays. There are plenty of options available in stores, otherwise, you could get creative and focus on making tasty and healthy foods yourself.

4. De-stress

The holiday seasons can be quite stressful, which not only dampens the holiday spirit but also weakens your immune system, thus making you more susceptible to getting sick. Try and find time to relax during the run-up and the big day, while also ensuring you get as much sleep as possible, as this will help stave off colds and flues. Additionally, remember to eat enough fruit and vegetables, and wrap up warm when out and about.  It might be worthwhile stocking up on medicine in case you do fall ill, as this will decrease stress and help you get better quickly. 

Trying to relax may seem like a luxury during this time of the year, but it is actually a necessity, as stress can affect sleep and health. Additionally, it can affect your weight, as stress eating is common. 

5. Be mindful of what your eating

Through the day, make sure you aren’t mindlessly eating whilst socializing and doing different activities. It is surprisingly easy to do, as there is often food scattered about. Even if you're not hungry it is tempting to take another chocolate or mince pie. Yet this is the worst thing you could possibly do!

The food is unnecessary as you likely won't even be that hungry, just bored or preoccupied, and the weight gain will stress you out and make you feel bad about yourself. What's more, it can damage your health as you fill up on junk and don't eat enough of the food your body actually needs.

Instead, try to make sure that when you do eat, it is something you really want to put into your body, and only eat when you are actually hungry. 

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