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10 of the funniest insults people have received while gaming online


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As much as a game of Call Of Duty or Fifa is enhanced by playing someone on the other side of the world, gaming online isn’t without its risks.

Namely, being insulted, unfairly and irrationally, by some angry person you don’t know – and some of these insults can be even more bizarre than the quirks from the games themselves.

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Reddit user PowerfullySimple asked gamers to share the funniest jibes they have received, and here’s 10 of the best.

1. “I bet you look like you were drawn with my left hand.” – ScottyyB

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2. “Quit being a spherical dumbass.”

When I asked them what they meant, they replied, “because no matter which way you look at it, you’re a dumbass”. – skoncol17

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3. “You live in your mom’s basement you anti social f****** loser.”

Minutes later we hear a female voice followed by him yelling “leave me alone I’m playing a game mom” – TannerTwaggs

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4. Playing rocket league. I lost. “Tell your mom to make your mac n cheese, I’ll be home soon.”

I just kinda stared at that one for a second. As I’m sitting there. Eating my mac n cheese. – vincentsilver

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5. That someone hopes I get herpes from sitting on a toilet seat, because he was sure I would never get the opportunity to get it from having sex – Harkonen_Cannon

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6. “You sound like you eat cigarettes.” – SoldMyMom4Kfc

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7. Someone said to my friend during a Rainbow Six Siege match “I hope your family gets carried away by ants.” – Slopbotmydop

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8. Someone called me a farmer and that they would steal my turnips because I said I was from Georgia – BillNyeTheSavage_Guy

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9. “Go sleep in your igloo you dumb Canadian.” – chillblade

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10. “You sound like a girl!”

“I am a girl.”

“No, you are a thirteen year old boy and you should be upset that I called you a girl!”

To clarify, I have always been female. – dewahwah

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