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Nintendo Sued By Gamevice For Their Switch Console


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Released in March of this year, Nintendo claims to have sold nearly 5 million consoles - the Wii U took almost a year to reach this number.

However, American company Gamevice has a very similar device which has been out for 5 years now, and they are suing Nintendo for patent infringement. The Japanese gaming giant has allegedly violated Gamevice's patent, and if this lawsuit is successful the sale of the Switch could be banned entirely.

Gamevice say they came up with the design first, that their tablet with connecting, removable controllers on either side is too close a design to the main concept of the Switch. The Switch's design is too similar to the Gamevice's Wikipad line for it to not be an infringement on Gamevice's patent of it.

However, the two devices are not as similar as it may seem. The lawsuit from Gamevice does not take into account how the Switch can be docked to play games via the television - they are primarily taking issue with the detachable controller element of the Switch.

Neither company has made a public statement on the lawsuit as of yet, however, Gamevice is presumably confident in the result of it if they are taking such drastic measures.

What do you think? Does Wikipad have a leg to stand on with this one?

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