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Atari is making a comeback


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After 24 years, Atari is finally making its comeback to the console scene. 

Named the Ataribox, the console's primary objective is to stay true to Atari’s heratige whilst appealing to both old and new fans of classic gaming console.

The design features of the Ataribox have elements that are classic to the Atari brand, such as the use of wood, a raised back and ribbed lines.

Incorporating these iconic elements with a modern, sleek design is a perfect way of introducing the old Atari to a new audience. The new console will also feature an array of new ports such as HDMI, 4 lots of USB and an SD. As well as a new design Atari intends to release two editions a classic wood edition and a more modern red/black edition.

With all the new ports available, Atari have hinted that they will be releasing some more current gaming content. Classic Atari fan’s shouldn’t worry though as Atari have confirmed that they will definitely be releasing those games that are dear to your childhood, including Pac-Man, Pong, Space Invaders and Asteroids.

The Ataribox is not aiming to compete with the current generation such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo but instead provide a middle ground where consumers can enjoy playing the best retro exclusives with old Atari ports.

Although not much is known about the internal workings of the new console or how powerful it is, Atari has stated that "consumers will be able to play current games and the console will include modern hardware. The console will, of course, include classic Atari games."

With these factors in mind, the console looks to be heading in the direction of a home console overflowing with old retro classics whilst also offering consumers the ability to be able to play more modern Atari games.

The last console release for the company was the Atari Jaguar back in 1993. This annoucement is the first time that Atari has ventured back into the console gaming business since declaring bankruptcy in 2013. 

The Ataribox joins Nintendo's NES Classic to bring back retro games to the modern market.

There is no confirmed release date for the Ataribox. 


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