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Assassin's Creed Origins: What's New?


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Assassin’s Creed Origins will take place in Ancient Egypt. The new game promises the familiar assassin story line but on a much larger scale - say goodbye to multiple maps and hello to an impressive open-world!

The setting of Ancient Egypt, of course, means pyramids to climb and slide down, boats to commandeer, battle arenas and crocodiles!

This game’s narrative reveals the birth of the assassins and you will not be disappointed.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is doing all it can to give fans a new gaming experience. Action RPG elements are more apparent with a larger focus on free-form action and open-maps which are bigger than ever. Another element returning to the series is boss fights, which promise to be challenging and are a welcome come back for the new game.

Combat is also taking a new turn. Players will now have to pay more attention to their opponent. The type of weapons and shields the opponent uses will determine how the battle plays out and how they can be beaten. New features include ducking and dodging, and the use of light and heavy attacks which can be used to throw an opponent off balance.

Along with a new combat experience, Origins includes a lot of new improvements. Forget scaling buildings to spy on a target as Synch points are no longer a part of the game! Instead, the player has a winged companion in the form of an Eagle named Senu. Senu will survey the map from anywhere - however there is a distance limit on how far away you can fly from the protagonist.

It has been confirmed that a few fan favourite characters are set to return in this new instalment. In terms of our protagonist, named Bayek has been confirmed to be a trained assassin (No more of the ‘how do I…’ nonsense). Our protagonist is confirmed to have connections with Rebecca, Shaun and William as our mission will be handed to us by William.

Super fans will get the chance to purchase the Deluxe and Gods edition of the game which feature hidden missions and bonus digital content. The Gods edition even comes with a statue of Bayek in all his glory.

With all of this to look forward to we have a lot to be excited about!

The game is set to drop October 27th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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