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10 best hangover cures for the morning after Freshers


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There are three thing certain when you start the new uni year. First, you will get the Freshers Flu. There’s just no way around it. Second, there will be a piece of summer reading or some sort of homework that you completely forgot about. Third- at some point during the first week you will be hungover.

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While the first one is cured by a lot of lemon and ginger tea, and the second one- by pulling an emergency all-nighter, we can give you some precious advice on the best cures for hungover. Yes, really.

1.       Yogurt

Believe it or not, eating plain yogurt in the morning will have a great effect on your stomach, reduce the nausea and hydrate your poor body

2.       Pickle Juice
Trust me, it is not half as bad as it sounds. Vinegar, salt and water help restore the lost sodium levels and rehydrate.

3.       Bananas
They contain potassium, which the body normally loses because of dehydration during the course of drinking. If you don’t feel like chewing food, just blend it into a smoothie.

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4.       Plain toast
It will fill your stomach, without irritating it.

5.       Eggs
They’re part of the traditional breakfast anyway, but also contain the much-important amino-acids cysteine and taurine. They will help the liver to do its job and keep it healthy (well, depending on the amounts of alcohol consumed)

6.       Porridge

Simple ingredients and plenty of vitamins- what more can your overworked body want?

7.       Lemon water
Just simple lemon, squeezed into a mug of hot water, can help you re-hydrate, load on Vitamin C and freshen up.

8.       Pears
According to research, hangovers were between 16 and 21% less bad, if pear juice was drank before the night out. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to try, does it?

Image Source:Pixabay

9.       Cayenne paper
Don’t be super quick to stuff your mouth with cayenne paper. But a little amount of it can reduce headaches and the spicy-ness will boost your metabolism. Double-win

10.   Raw or pickled cabbage
We have Eastern Europe to thank for that secret. The lactic acid, vitamins and minerals contained in cabbage make it a great headache relief.

Do you know any other scientifically or not so proven hangover cures? Let us know in the comments.

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