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You MUST follow these Instagrammers if you love looking at food


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Taking pictures is not simply a way to memorise those precious pieces of time, with your favourite people. For many it's a way to express themselves, to create art and to introduce others to the way they see the world. 

World photo day celebrates the positive impact which photography brings to the individuals and the way it connects people throughout the world. And with photo sharing apps like Instagram gaining increasing popularity over the last three to four years it is no surprise that when we look for inspiration we turn to this large online community, where we can follow our favourite artist, influencers and professionals. 

And for everyone who considers themselves a food lover or just loves a daily idea for an unconventional meal, we have gathered seven of the best Instagram profiles out there, who will update your feed with delicious content every single day.

1.     @the_banana diaries

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a perfect egg yolk, but this girl has one of the most INCREDIBLE feeds showcasing a colourful assortment of gorgeous foodstuffs! I wish my breakfasts could be like this everyday.

2. @thehungrykitchn

Dublin-based Gav O’ Connor has an electric feed of bright, interesting foods - ranging from ice-cream cones to pasta dishes. There’s something so visually marvellous about the way he photographs his food!


3. @jenjen.food_zi

This is definitely a feed for lovers of more interesting, exotic, and perhaps never-before-seen snacks! From the brilliant green of matcha, to the gorgeous composition of ramen - this feed is the full spectrum of exciting dishes.


4. @jainfoodgasm

There’s something luxurious about the way this photographer captures images of their dishes - from mirror-glazed desserts to mouth-watering curries. There’s an effortless blend of home-dinners and fine-dining.


5. @amberlowey

One word: flawless. New York City has such a range of gorgeous food and drink that this feed manages to capture in near-professional photography. Sushi, burgers, cocktails, and the obligatory giant pizza slice - this is the full spectrum of scrumptious meals!


6. @wellseasonedstudio

I would say ‘studio quality’, but that’s pretty much the point. This feed is probably the most rife with desserts so far, each of them looking good enough to eat against a beautiful marble background. Not only that, but little recipes pop up here and there so we can create our own (although, probably less beautiful) versions of the dishes pictured!


7. @whatshellyate

Intermittent pictures of adorable food spliced up with cute little quotes, this feed is a pastel range of food and drinks that will definitely tickle your fancy. The addresses and little price-tags on each post are the winning touch for me!

Anyone I’ve missed? Let us know in the comments who should be on this list!

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