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19 European dishes for your Eurovision party

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Eurovision 2018 is here, and we’re raising a Union Jack to all the questionable Euro-pop acts that are in hiding for the other 51 weeks of the year.

Eurovision is ALWAYS a good chance to throw a party, so we’ve collected a bunch of recipes from our friends at Co-op to help you do just that. Get your friends/siblings/pets together this Saturday and feed them something from this delectable selection of European delicacies - we’re rooting for Greece’s tandoori lamb burger, personally…


1. Stuffed peppers

Simple, healthy, veggie, and ready in 20 minutes. What more could you ask for? Top marks, Armenia.

Get the recipe HERE.


2. Veggie sausage rolls

What’s a better British summer staple than a sausage roll? A veggie one, of course. Make these and you’ll never look back.

Get the recipe HERE.

3. Strawberry and goat’s cheese bruschetta

A twist on the Spanish classic, using seasonal strawberries and good old British goat’s cheese. Delightful.

Get the recipe HERE.

4. Sweet potato cottage pie

Another reinvented classic, but this time a British one. Light, summery, and a win for those who like their potatoes orange.  

Get the recipe HERE.

5. Tikka roast chicken and chips

Ok, we’re here for the carnivores. Britain invented tikka masala, so of course the next step was to fuse it into our traditional roast chicken. And why not?

Get the recipe HERE.


6. French onion soup

Hopping across the channel for this one. We’d advise you only serve this French delicacy if you’re hosting a Eurovision dinner party, because we don’t think a sharing bowl of onion soup would go down overly well. Just a hunch.

Get the recipe HERE.

7. Cherry galette

The prettiest dessert at any Eurovision table, and we can count the cherries as a portion, right? Right.

Get the recipe HERE.


8. Lamb tandoori burgers

Let the homemade tzatziki on this burger whisk you to a restaurant on an Aegean beach immediately.

Get the recipe HERE.

9. Cous cous and halloumi salad

Another one to prepare ahead of time and chuck in a giant, brightly-coloured sharing bowl. Bonus: eat the leftovers for lunch all next week.

Get the recipe HERE.


10. Irish stout cake

They love beer in Ireland, so of course it’s made its way into their cake and onto our list.

Get the recipe HERE.


11. Falafel role

Many countries have laid claim to falafel - but Israel is the only one with a spot in Eurovision. Politics aside, falafel is a dish that’s munched across the Middle East. If you haven’t already, it’s time to bring it into your kitchen.

Get the recipe HERE.


12. Lemon, spinach and feta pasta

Has there ever been a lighter, more summer-ready selection of food words than “lemon”, “spinach”, “feta” and “pasta”? We don’t think so.

Get the recipe HERE.

13. Chicken Milanese

Traditionally northern Italian, we’d whip up this chicken, parmesan and spaghetti concoction whatever the weather. Again, probably one for an easy Eurovision diner party. Grazie mille.

Get the recipe HERE.

14. Shortcut shortbread tiramisu

Tiramisu is never wrong, and this one uses the good old British shortbread as its base. An effortless melding of cultures.

Get the recipe HERE.


15. Portuguese custard tart

More desert, this time from our hosts. Pastel de nata has increasingly come to the public conscious over the past couple of years, and after sampling more than a couple (ahem) we’re totally sold… along with the rest of Europe.

Get the recipe HERE.

16. Peri peri chicken

We don’t need to tell you that this is going to be better than Nandos.

Get the recipe HERE.


17. Spicy Spanish sausage plait

Pastry and spiced sausage: just the right side of decadent. You can eat the leftovers tomorrow (if there are any, which we doubt.)

Get the recipe HERE.

18. Spanish tortilla

Chorizo is entirely optional in this one – we’re not sure it needs it, personally.

Get the recipe HERE.


19. Swedish meatballs

Finally, one that you definitely don’t need to go to IKEA to sample. Embrace all things Scandi this Eurovision week and whip this up with sweet potato mash – we promise it’ll be your favourite meal of the week. Also, pretty comforting when the nil points start rolling in…

Get the recipe HERE.

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