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Cheetos quesadillas are the latest weird fast food fad that people are obsessed with


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Taco Bell is certainly known for pushing the boat out with its flavour combinations (yep, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it).

First there was the Doritos taco, and then Canada was gifted the Cheetos crunchwrap slider for a limited time.

And now, they’ve capitalised on the world’s apparent obsession with cheesy crisps and released the Cheetos quesadilla in the Philippines.

Chester Cheetah has taken over #TacoBellPHL and

Our overriding thought is just how orange it looks.

So orange that it reminded people of someone.

However, lots were intrigued by the combo.

And those who tried it seemed to be enjoying the cheesy crunchy orange-ness.

However, others just aren’t so sure.

Can you trust something that’s so darn orange?

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