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Healthy BBQ alternatives to try this weekend


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With the weather set to improve this weekend, many of us will be firing up the BBQ (especially to celebrate Her Maj hitting the big 9-0).

If you face the common dilemma of trying to maintain a hot summer bod yet without missing out on stuffing your face with succulent, colourful foods, then you might want to consider some of the below healthy alternatives for BBQ weather.

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1. Vegetable skewers

A classic and a real treat. Plus it's weirdly enjoyable to pierce small chunks of peppers and red onion with a sharp spear.

Try this Jamie Oliver recipe because it includes halloumi and Jamie Oliver.

2. Stuffed peppers

There’s room for creative freedom here as you can pretty much stuff your peppers with whatever you like. If you want to stuff them each with a block of Cheddar, go for it - but negates the point of a 'healthy' BBQ...

Try this Mediterranean stuffed pepper recipe.

3. Quinoa salad

We know what you’re thinking, and we’re sorry it had to come down to this, but it’s quite hard to create a health foods list without including quinoa.

Try this black bean quinoa salad with basil and lemon dressing recipe.

4. Dilute drinks with sparkling water

This is neither a recipe nor a food alternative, but diluting your juices or cocktails with some sparkling water will help you cut down your sugar consumption.

5. Cauliflower steaks

Tesco have launched the UK’s first cauliflower and mushroom steaks (mushroom below) to give veggies and vegans more options at BBQs.

Essentially, the cauliflower steak is a large, flattened cauliflower so we’re not sure what exactly makes it qualify for a steak. But, again, we make the rules!

6. Mushroom steaks

Mushroom and cauliflower steaks.
See above. Adding mushrooms to vegetarian meals adds a meaty texture and savoury flavour.

7. Greek salad

Greek salads are basically little circuses on a deep plate. They offer a variety of star acts including juicy olives, plump tomato, salty feta, and cucumber. But like the circus, they can’t necessarily guarantee that no animals were harmed in the making.

Try this classic greek salad recipe.

8. Bean burgers

If you think of all the beans in the world you begin to imagine the varieties of incredible bean burgers that could become available to you, that could tempt you not to eat another beef burger again.

Of all the bean burgers in all of the world, in all of the bean worlds, try this one.

9. Grilled lemon and yoghurt chicken

This list so far has been very veggie heavy thus far. So here’s a recipe with some chicken in it. And as you know already we’re sure, chicken is known to be a healthy sort of meat, and grilling is one of the healthiest ways to eat it.

10. Healthy potato salad

Potato salad
(Meera Sodha/AP)
As joyless as a potato salad not smothered in mayo sounds, this one is dressed in wholegrain mustard, honey and olive oil, so it can’t be all bad.

You can try the recipe here.

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