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People are posting their amazing looking food on Yubl and it’s giving us serious inspo

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From donuts to watermelon to beautifully arranged berries. Food NEVER looks this good when we make it...

I mean, this doesn’t look like a terrible way to start the day.


And we wouldn’t say no to this large pot of caffeine, either.


Or to waffles and strawberries in bed. 

Or even to a lovely, runny, soft-boiled egg. 

Cannot stop staring at this. So. Swirly.


We do think, though, that we need to crank our avocado game up a notch.



Getting hungry, fyi.


Why aren’t we eating this right now?


This is getting ridiculous.


We don’t know what these are. WE DON’T CARE. We need them.


So much health is present in this smoothie. So. Much. Green. 

This looks amazing and the six people who think otherwise can shut it. 

This is our kind of salad (i.e., it's not afraid of bread.)

We wish this was our lunch.


Followed by this. Because with the sun making a welcome return to our skies, who doesn’t fancy a (frozen) snog?


We’d cheat on the healthy stuff with this life-affirming donut, if we could.


And with this little slice of bagel-y heaven.


Does this person who posted this rocky road mountain really need to ask...?

No apologies for this cake. So wondrous.


Ok, we’re off for a snack.

 Yubl has reached no.4 in the App Store's social networking charts. A combination of private and group chats, a public feed, an opportunity to explore new content, stickers and revolutionary functions like voting buttons mean it houses all your essential social media functions in one app. It’s available on Google Play and in the App Store now.

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