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Top 10 tips for saving money - every day


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Have you ever looked at your bank balance and wondered, how on earth can I have spent thirty six pounds and twelve pence on food today? And worst of all, how can I have eaten it all?

Sadly, when on a budget, it is essential to be that precise with numbers, as those 12 little pennies represent the difference between you and 12 precious penny chews.

We all know that there is nothing worse than a money shock to put you on the edge of your seat and to really get those nerves sizzling. But don't be too hard on yourself, because I assure you that not everyone is born a super quirky saver machine, and you can most definitely pick it up. By keeping a beady eye on your expenses, and making a few changes to your daily routine, you can start saving the pounds and pennies...which means, hurrah, more money for penny chews.

1) Take a bottle of water around with you in your bag - Don't allow yourself to spend a pound on bottled water every time you want a drink, it is an act of insanity! Fight the thirst and save precious money by carrying a bottle of water around with you in your bag; you can refill it, mix it up with some squash, anything that floats your boat. Just don't buy bottled.

2) Don't throw away change and pick up pennies: This piece of advice might sound a little grotty, but I assure you it is effective. So get on your hands and knees and get down and never know what you might find, it might just pay for your dinner.

3) Homemade lunch: Making your own lunch is an easy and enjoyable way to save money, and best of all you can make as much food as you like, so beat the man with bigger portion sizes that will keep you going all day. You can even dress your lunch up in a cute little sandwich bag if you're that way inclined, just make sure it's straight from your cupboard, and not Subway!

4) Budget on nights out: This is rather simple really: leave your card at home and only take £15 out with you, for example. Pre drink harder, buy less drinks out and whatever you do, avoid the late night takeaways. It will make sure that you and your purse wake up feeling better in the morning - a win win scenario.

5) Abstain from shopping: Everyone loves a little pick me up shop once in a while, but if you're on a tight budget, you really should abstain from putting yourself into the hands of temptation. Stay well away from shopping centres and if cant, just close your eyes and count to ten until the urges to subside.

6) Go green and walk: With transport costs on the rise, and laziness being at an all time high, your bank balance might be taking a hit. But setting aside the time to walk to and from different locations will help save you money on taxis, buses and metros, and will even help you tone those legs up. Just don't get too ambitious - no one expects you to attempt the six mile walk to B&Q!

7) Budget your daily costs: Budgeting is essential to help you save money, as it involves the process of calculating your allowance, and allocating money towards different costs. For example, each week you might allocate thirty pounds towards your food shop, five pounds for toiletries, thirty pounds for nights out, twenty pounds for little bits and bobs etc... And If you're still splurging the cash, then pop into your bank to talk about opening a savers account, which might just help to stop you sneaking into that overdraft once and for all!

8) Wear layers: Simple and snug! Think ahead to the dreaded day when that British gas letter will be coming through the door, and start keeping the heating bill down now.

9) Think outside the box: Instead of spending unnecessary amounts of money on going out, meals, the cinema, why not take a trip to the park, take a walk on the beach (if possible), or have a drunken games night in. It's always fun to mix it up a little bit without hurting your pocket!

10) When in Tescos do as students do: Say goodbye to expensive brand names and get involved Tesco's own. You will find that the products are equally as delicious (well close enough) and you will save a good amount of money too!

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