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Josh Hutcherson's most iconic childhood roles


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Josh Hutcherson, who believe it or not, is now 26 years old, is a true legend of childhood films.

Although in recent years we have seen it evolving to a more mature, grown-up movie profile, in our hearts he will always be the sweet child that we all had a crush on when we were kids ourselves. Here's a list of Josh Hutcherson's most iconic children's movies, all of which you have probably already seen more than once. 

1. The Polar Express (2004)

Considered by some as one of the weirdest Christmas movies of all time, the truth is that, in 2004, the technology they used was simply awesome. Imagine: a cartoon movie filmed by live actors. It was like the future in the North Pole. And as charming as any other Christmas story. 

2. Little Manhattan (2005)

This super sweet love story between two children living in New York City is just the most romantic movie ever made for children. Don't tell me you never wished you were Rosemary Telesco. I know I did. 

3. Zathura (2005)

This movie was all I could wish for when I was a kid. In it, two kids find an old Jumanji-styled board game, this time set in space. After freezing their sister, the two children will have to finish the game to get rid of the aliens, the astronauts and the meteor showers that are destroying their house. 

4. Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

This mega iconic film about the wonderful imagination of children is not only one of the most heartbreaking movies I've ever seen, but also Hutcherson's most famous and best performance. It's been more than ten years and I'm still not over this story. 

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