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The best films new to Netflix UK this July


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Summer is well and truly underway, and though being out and about and enjoying the weather is tempting, Netflix is determined to keep you on the sofa with this phenomenal slate of films!

1. Fast & Furious - 1st July

Not only only is Netflix gifting us with the first of the franchise, but you’ll be able to binge all the way up to Fast Five from today! What better way to spend the summer than with your Fast familia? Join Vin Diesel and the gang as they speed and steal their way through high-octane adventure after adventure! Salúd!

2. The Hateful Eight - 1st July

Tarantino’s eigth gore-fest sports an interesting host of characters stuck in a cabin during a snowstorm. Kurt Russel’s bounty hunter, transporting his captive Jennifer Jason Leigh, find themselves making strange alliances in post- Civil War Wyoming. Though the film divided critics and audiences alike, now’s your chance to form your own opinion from the comfort of your sofa.

3. The Mummy - 1st July

Another full franchise to binge, The Mummy Returns and Tomb of the Dragon Emperor all arrive on Netflix today too! Take a trip down memory lane to some of the most iconic films of our childhood, and join Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz on their mythological monster-hunting shenanigans. Ain’t nobody got time for the Tom Cruise remake.

4. 47 Ronin - 3rd July

The kind of film that you probably didn’t bother with in the cinema, but perfect for a cosy summer evening in, 47 Ronin stars the iconic Keanu Reaves as leader of a band of Samurai set out to avenge their dishonoured master. Vibrant fantasy elements bring this action-packed movie to life in an unexpectedly enjoyable way! 

5. Looper - 6th July

This gritty sci-fi modern classic stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young Bruce Willis in a futuristic world where people are sent back in time to executed to avoid leaving a trail. The tension ramps up as personal timelines cross and mortality takes on a whole new meaning as both the old Joe and the young Joe must fight for survival.

6. The Perks of being a Wallflower - 6th July

Unequivocally one of the best book adaptations ever, author Stephen Chbosky directs his own adaptation of this brilliantly moving teen novel. Starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller, these quirky high-schoolers give us a deep insight into social pressures, mental illness, and abuse through loveable and relatable characters.

7. The Wolf of Wall Street - 10th July

Leonardo DiCaprio leads Scorsese’s vivid, larger-than-life biopic of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort whose Wall Street scam in the 90s led to him serving a prison sentence. The bacchic decadence of Wall Street life, from intense drug abuse to prostitutes to obscene wealth, is depicted with such glee in this bawdy dramedy.

8. Jackie - 20th July

Natalie Portman was robbed of her Oscar for her impeccably controlled performance as Jackie Kennedy in this hypnotic biopic from director Pablo Larraín. In the aftermath of JFK’s assassination, the film is framed by an in depth interview that Jackie gives, allowing us a complex and nuanced insight into both her private and public selves.

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