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How Lily Collins proved she is not just Phil Collins' daughter


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Lily Collins, now 29, is a British actress. Perhaps you know her because she is the daughter of mega famous singer and former member of Genesis, Phil Collins. And perhaps you think she is just the spoiled child of a celebrity, with a permanent position in Hollywood only thanks to her family ties. Let me tell you, if you think this, you are wrong. 

Lily Collins in Love, Rosie (2014)

It is true that sons and daughters of celebrities often find the doors of fame wide open for them. This may or may not have been the case for Collins' daughter, but to stay at the top, talent and hard work are necessary. Having mommy or daddy calling a few friend producers will only do so much if you don't have what it takes to be an actor or a singer. 

Lily Collins has proved she has it. In 2009, she debuted in the film The Blind Side as Collins Tuohy, a feature which was nominated to the Academy Award for Best Picture. Many other roles have followed, and we have seen Collins in popular movies like Mirror, Mirror (2012), where she starred as Snow White alongside Julia Roberts, or Abduction (2011), where she shared the screen with teen idol Taylor Lautner. 

Before her acting career kicked off, Lily Collins worked as a journalist. She started working as a correspondant for Elle Girl UK, a job she got after pitching the idea of having young writers for young readers to several editors. Hard work paid off and she got to report live from the orange carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards and to take part in the Kids Pick the President Campaign during the 2008 election. 

All this happened while she was battling anorexia and bulimia. She wrote a book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, retracing her journey living with these eating disorders, in order to raise awareness and encourage young girls to love themselves and their bodies.

She also faced the issue in 2016 when she filmed Netflix's To The Bone, a film about a young girl battling anorexia, designed to bring eating disorders among young people into the limelight. Collins had to face the ghosts from her past and lose a lot of weight for the role, a very brave thing to do. 

Lily Collins in To the Bone (2017)

She has proved countless times that she is, indeed, a terrific actress. She was the best (if not the only) good thing to happen to the movie adaptation of The Mortal Instruments (2013). Although the movie was not as successful as expected and the sequels were eventually cancelled, she was perfect as Clary Fray.

As well as credit due for her wonderful perfomances in movies like Love, Rosie (2014), Stuck in Love (2012) or Okja (2017), Collins was nominated to a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for her role as Marla Mabrey in Rules Don't Apply (2016), a fantastic film about a young actress under contract to the infamous Howard Hughes. 

Beyond her acting career, it's also no surprise that Lily Collins, being the daughter of Phil Collins, can sing. She demonstrated she has inherited her dad's talent in both Mirror, Mirror and Rules Don't Apply

So, yes, she might be Phil Collins' daughter, but she is also a very talented actress in and of herself. She has earned her place in Hollywood with a lot of hard work, showing everybody that where she comes from has nothing to do with her well-deserved success. 

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