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Oscars Countdown: Even Oscar nominated actors have some pretty questionable roles!


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Awards season rightfully celebrates what The Academy considers to be the best and brightest of the year in film. The Actor and Actress categories are no doubt filled with huge talents: from veterans to industry newcomers, all have offered phenomenal performances in this year's crop.

Some might say these are the roles of their careers. We, on the other hand, like to think we can keep them humble. With that in mind, here's a peek at some of their most questionable roles. It wouldn't do for them to get big-headed, right?

Daniel Day-Lewis

Nominated for: Reynolds Woodcock in Phantom Thread (2017)
Looking good as: Colin in Gandhi (1982)

Now look, it’s not like Daniel Day-Lewis has ever had a bad or embarrassing role. Nothing even comes close. So we’ll have to make do with the fact that he was showing up in Oscar-worthy films even before anyone knew who he was.

Daniel Kaluuya

Nominated for: Chris Washington in Get Out (2017)
Also shows up as: Agent Tucker in Johnny English Reborn (2011)

EE BAFTA Rising Star Daniel Kaluuyas career has involved some incredible projects and true cultural landmarks, including Sicario, Black Mirror, and most recently Black Panther. Hilariously enough, he also had a starring role in Johnny English Reborn - go figure!

Denzel Washington

Nominated for: The title role in Roman J. Israel Esq. (2017)
Makes for a dashing romantic lead as: Demetrius Williams in Mississippi Masala (1991)

Denzel is another one with a pretty much spotless record - there simply isn’t a questionable film on his IMDb page at all! Even so, it’s entertaining enough to see how cute he looked back in 1991 in Mississippi Masala, a film about an interracial relationship and racial tension between his character and Mina, played by Sarita Choudhury. 

Frances McDormand

Nominated for: Mildred in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)
Personally thought she was more moving as: Charlotte Mearing in Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (2011)

Yeah, that’s right — this absolute powerhouse actor really did get cast in a Transformers sequel. This film really does revolve around a “hidden Cybertronian spacecraft,” so if that doesn’t show off McDormand’s incredible range, we don’t know what would.

Gary Oldman

Nominated for: Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour (2017)
We prefer him as: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element (1997)

Those Churchill facial prosthetics and Oldman’s impeccable impression of the war-time Prime Minister really can’t hold a candle to this iconic hairstyle. Zorg is the ultimate sci-fi villain: an instrument of Evil, with a sharp pinstripe suit and a soul patch. What more could you ask for?!

Margot Robbie

Nominated for: Tonya Harding in I, Tonya (2017)
Who knew she starred as: Jess in Focus (2015)

Another actor with a spotless career — nothing worse than a stint on Neighbours — the best we can do is this shocker from Robbie’s past. Who knew she starred alongside Will Smith in this heist movie that somehow slipped under the radar a few years ago?!

Meryl Streep

Nominated for: Kay Graham in The Post (2017)
Her best performance was definitely: Mary Fisher in She-Devil (1989)

With 21 Oscar nominations and 3 wins over her illustrious career, it’s important not to forget that even the greats have some pretty weird roles in their past. She-Devil follows the revenge plan of a housewife whose husband is having an affair with Streep’s character, a romance novelist. We might be missing the point of the film, but honestly who wouldn’t have an affair with Meryl Streep?!

Sally Hawkins

Nominated for: Elisa Esposito in The Shape of Water (2017)
Should have been nominated for: Vivienne Graham in Godzilla (2014)

From ‘uncredited villager’ in Star Wars: A Phantom Menace (1999) to a bunch of bit-roles on Little Britain, Hawkins’ career has really skyrocketed since the beginning of the millennium. Unfortunately, her PR team has done a good job at removing any images of these roles from the internet, so we went with Godzilla instead. We can’t even take the piss that much, because she’s actually really good in it.

Saoirse Ronan

Nominated for: Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson in Lady Bird (2017)
She’s adorable as: Lina Mayfleet in City of Ember (2008)

For such a young actor, Ronan really has enjoyed a remarkable career so far. Loving Vincent (2017), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), The Lovely Bones (2009), and Atonement (2007) make for an impressive resumé. It wouldn’t do to forget the weird fantasy flicks that came in between, though! 

Timothée Chalamet

Nominated for: Elio in Call Me By Your Name (2017)
Did you know he also played: Tom in Interstellar (2014)

Nolan’s space epic has an all-star cast ranging from Michael Cain to Jessica Chastain to Matthew McConaughey himself. One person who doesn’t particularly turn heads in that film is Murph’s brother Tom, especially at 15 before he grows up into Casey Affleck. Well, little did we know that “I want to be a farmer” Tom would grow up to be nominated for an Oscar just a few years later!

The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4th.

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