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Film Review: Pitch Perfect 3


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An energetic and heart-warming wave goodbye from the Bellas; Pitch Perfect 3 cranks up the volume and screams ‘girl power’ in this somewhat extravagant finale.

The final instalment of the franchise sees the Bellas reunite one last time as they perform for the military and their families on a USO tour. With familiar and fresh faces combined, the Bellas embark on an explosive and eventful journey armed with more music than ever.

This film is an emotional end for any Pitch Perfect fan. Filled with references to its two predecessors, Pitch Perfect 3 knows its audience and plays to its strengths but also ensures it doesn’t exclude first time watchers. An entertaining mix of over-the-top and subtle comedy keeps the laughs alive and gives the film the inclusive feel it needs to ensure no viewer is left behind.

This, paired with a combination of modern music and contemporary comedy, makes the film an engaging and relevant family affair that will get everyone singing along to the likes of Britney Spears and Sia. As with any film of this type, the soundtrack and pop-culture references may put an expiry date on the film’s relatability, but it’ll at least act as a fun time capsule in years to come.

The female ensemble cast shine with power and independence, seeing male characters taking more of a backseat than before. The women conquer and crash together and don’t need saving by anyone other than a very forward-thinking Fat Amy. With the classic commentary from John and Gail, the film acknowledges this and, once again, excels at what the franchise is loved for – the celebration of female power and the inspiration to enjoy what you do.

This sequel does, however, fall into same trap the second did and feels, at points, like a case of same story, different setting. Ultimately, it’s a story of the underdog, of passion and drive, just like the first two films. Despite this repetition, this will no doubt please many viewers, particularly those invested in its undeniably relatable characters.

However, for those who may be put off by this notion, the film does take an interesting and unexpected turn as it reaches its midway point, taking a leap into the action-comedy genre. Although slightly off-key and far-fetched, when taken lightly, it turns out to be an explosively energetic final adventure for the Bellas.

With this added energy unfortunately does come an abundance of sub-plots including a couple of romances, competition and family issues, many of which don’t get a complete resolution but instead a single scene to wrap them up. One thing is for sure, there is always something going on in this film, but it could have benefitted from being slightly more focused.

Having said that, the film does what it says on the tin and provides its audience with a fun-filled and heart-warming final journey with their beloved Bellas, wrapping up the franchise and proving that all good things come in threes.

By no means perfect, this film may not quite exceed the brilliance of the first Pitch Perfect film, but it’ll surely satisfy even the most passionate fans and ignite a spark in its younger audience.

Pitch Perfect 3 is out now, distributed by Universal Pictures.

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