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Creepy Countdown: I Know What You Did Last Summer is 20 years old today


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Celebrating its anniversary of 20 years today, I Know What You Did Last Summer continues to be a horror classic perfect for any Halloween season.

Heading down a winding road in North Carolina, four friends accidentally hit a fisherman with their car whilst driving home. Deciding to dispose of the body in the sea and never talk about it again – all seems well. That is, until a year later when Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) receives an anonymous message and a hook-wielding killer is out for revenge on the morally corrupt teens.

Written by Kevin Williamson, the mind behind Scream, parallels have been drawn between the two and their influence on teen-centric horror. Featuring as a classic of the slasher genre 20 years later, I Know What You Did Last Summer has held up as an entertaining piece of horror cinema – even with two terribly received sequels.

Past mistakes aside, the original film won two blockbuster entertainment awards for its leading ladies, and was nominated for a further seven throughout its year of release. As for its other actors, starring alongside Hewitt are Ryan Phillippe, Buffy’s own Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

They all used the film as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, including Gellar and Prinze Jr’s now 15-year strong relationship and more importantly, their feature in Scooby Doo. Speaking of canines and tenuous links – I Know What You Did Last Summer is actually based on a book by Lois Duncan, who also wrote Hotel for Dogs.

Now that’s a film I’d like to see adapted into a horror.

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