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Creepy Countdown: Spooky sweets and scary shorts


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Sweets and Halloween go together like… well, sweets on Halloween.

And no-one knows this better than M&Ms chocolates. Bringing you the weird and wonderful in The National Student’s creepy countdown, this little gem is perfect for getting in the mood for all things spooky when it comes to film this Halloween.

Pairing up with Fox this October, M&Ms have released their own short horror film – which is actually pretty impressive. Ditching the yellow and red humanoid beans in favour of an undead motorcyclist, M&Ms have stepped up their game for the upcoming holiday and delivered a party-sized taster, featuring a father taking his two daughters to a road featured in an urban legend.

Flashing their headlights three times warrants some unsettling results, and parallels myths such as Bloody Mary in its execution. Imaginatively, the piece is titled ‘The Road’, and for a quick cash in from Fox and the chocolate company it packs a fun punch in the two minutes of screen time – even bringing in their own special effects zombie. You can watch the snippet below, with more promised on

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