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Film Review: Logan Lucky


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Dubbed the “anti-glam” version of his Ocean’s trilogy, Logan Lucky sees director Steven Soderbergh successfully return in what is a funny, far-fetched heist film featuring a talented all-star cast.

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The film follows the Logan brothers, Jimmy (Channing Tatum) and Clyde (Adam Driver) who, after continuously running into bad luck supposedly down to the “Logan family curse”, decide to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. In order to do so, they seek the help of their sister, Mellie (Riley Keough) and convict Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), and attempt to carry out an elaborate heist that will require a fair bit of brains, and a hell of a lot of luck. 

Logan Lucky’s strongest feature is by far its well-written humour. The film is consistently funny with all the cast members proving themselves to be great comedic actors through both their excellent timing and line delivery.

Adam Driver, in particular, is incredibly funny with his dead pan line delivery and vacant facial expressions being really entertaining. The three brothers of Joe, Fish and Sam, played by Daniel Craig, Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson respectively, are also really funny with some of the film's biggest laughs coming courtesy of Quaid and Gleeson’s hapless pair. 

Driver and Craig are the two stand outs of the film, both putting in great performances. Craig is near unrecognisable as Joe and sells the character really well by putting in what is his best performance since Skyfall. It’s refreshing to see the actor showing off his range after audiences have gotten used to seeing him as Bond for over ten years.

Channing Tatum too is also great as Jimmy and brings a lot more to the character than just the look and the laughs. Hillary Swank and Katie Holmes also make brief appearances and are strong supporting cast members when on screen.

Surprisingly, much of what makes the film a success is that it’s not too silly. The elaborate heist is filled with jokes and quips that distract from the ridiculousness of it all but there are also some touching scenes between Jimmy and his daughter Sadie, played really well by the young Farrah Mackenzie. This keeps the film from being just non-stop jokes and gives it a bit more substance.

The actual heist is thoroughly entertaining with its far-fetched nature fitting with the film’s overall tone. The characters are not your typical criminals and, as they are so well written, it’s incredibly funny to see them deal with things going wrong in such an unprofessional fashion. They don’t have the suave and coolness of the Ocean’s crew and are arguably better for it.

However, post-heist the film does drag a bit with the audience having to wait a bit too long before being given the answers to some pressing questions. The unexpected direction the film goes in is interesting, but it could have been wrapped up a bit sooner than it was. There is also Seth McFarlane’s character of Max Chilblain. Whilst he is funny in parts, he is definitely the film’s most annoying character and he outstays his welcome, especially towards the end.

Aside from that though, Logan Lucky is a thoroughly entertaining spin on a regular heist movie. Its great humour, memorable characters and excellent cast make it one of the surprise movies of the summer and another great heist film from Soderbergh.

Logan Lucky, is due to be released Friday 25th August, distributed by Studio Canal.

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