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Try to keep your head whilst watching the terrifying new trailer for The Snowman


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A world away from the animated classic of our childhood, Tomas Alfredson's The Snowman will be spelling out bloody murder this October.

The trailer release centres around a harrowing spree of murders unfolding when the snow starts to fall. Linked to crimes of the past, an elite crime squad’s lead detective (Michael Fassbender) must race against the clock to figure out who is killing women in his local town – before the next snowfall claims another victim.

Also starring Rebecca Ferguson as his partner Katherine Bratt, the film is based on the Norwegian novel of the same name, and is the seventh entry in Jø Nesbø’s Harry Hole series. Not the first Scandinavian serial-killer drama to make waves, and certainly not the last, Director Tomas Alfredson has already handled the cult film Let the Right One In with aplomb – so high hopes can be set for his latest endeavour.

With a trailer full of gore and dripping with as much tension as blood, the film offers little in the way of comedic relief – if we discount that the killer’s calling card is literally a snowman. Nevertheless, other horror films have done much more with much stranger, and the blinding white setting of the isolated mountains has worked wonders for films such as The Shining and The Children.

It can’t be argued that the first snippet of Alfredson’s film are entirely chilling. Released later this year on the 13th of October, ‘winter is coming’ gets a whole new rebrand.

Catch the trailer below:

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