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5 guilty pleasure films to binge watch over summer


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We all have films we are embarrassed to admit we love, or simply watch over and over. Here are five guilty pleasure films for you to binge watch over summer.

 1) Mamma Mia

 This ABBA singalong film is perfect for a summer night in. Let’s be honest, nothing beats singing into your hairbrush to Dancing Queen at 1AM. It’s cheese central, but that’s why we all love it, right?

The film follows bride-to-be, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) on her journey to find her real father in time for her wedding. However, regardless of the plot and it’s not so five-star rating, the highlight of this film is clearly the fabulous renditions of those classic ABBA hits…what’s not to love?

 2. Clueless

Did someone mention plaids? Based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma, Clueless tells the story of Cher (Alicia Silverstone), an extremely rich student, in her attempts to ‘makeover’ newcomer Tai, (Brittany Murphy) to make her more popular. This 90’s ‘coming-of-age’ chick flick is probably one of the teen movies that none of us will ever grow out of…and can we talk about those outfits? Silverstone said herself that she had 60 outfits changes for the film…and it paid off! Cher will always go down as a fashion icon of the 90’s. So, next time you’re embarrassed to admit that ‘Clueless’ is a prized member of your DVD collection, don’t be! Why should we feel guilty about watching those teen cult classics?

 3) Walking on Sunshine

Something about nostalgic, singalong films is sure to make them a guilty pleasure. Filled with songs of the 80’s, this upbeat, vibrant and cheesy film is the perfect addition to a summer movie night. 

The film is set in sunny Italy, where Maddie, (Annabel Scholey) is about to marry Raf, (Giulio Berruti). Upon inviting her sister, Taylor to the wedding, Maddie doesn’t realise that Raf is Taylor’s ex. I know, mad, right? Apart from the somewhat awkward plot, the sunny setting and fun songs mean you can’t help but smile.

 4) Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna made her very first movie appearance in this fun 80’s comedy as reckless ‘Susan’. However, despite the spotlight being on Madonna, the film details a suburban housewife, (Rosanna Arquette), who develops amnesia after an accident and is mistaken for New York runaway, Susan. This film isn’t exactly considered a blockbuster, making it difficult to admit you love it but it is witty and Madonna did a good job at portraying the street-smart character. Plus, 80’s fashion is EVERYTHING.

 5) High School Musical

Although probably embarrassed to own up to it, we’ve all sat there and watched the High School Musical films back-to-back and probably still know the songs word for word. The plot is simple- two teenagers meet at a karaoke competition, realise they both love music and end up auditioning for the same show.

Hilariously cringe-worthy, but you can’t deny that child within you to come out again as soon as “breaking free” starts playing. I bet you still have the soundtracks somewhere!

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