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4 must see films that will get you in the mood for summer


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 Summer. A time for carefree adventure, spending time with your friends and new experiences (weather permitting). The freedom of summer is enjoyed by students of all corners of the world and with the academic year now drawing to a close, it is time for our attention to shift from revision to making the most of this beloved season.

However, the stress of looming deadlines and stuffy exam halls often halts our growing anticipation of the fast-approaching summer, meaning a quick, sure-fire way of getting in the summer mood is what a lot of people crave. Got a spare two hours? Then film is the route for you. Whilst road-trip movies are a safe bet in regard to this cause, there are many films out there that are often overlooked.

So here are four easy-watches you may not have seen that are guaranteed to get you summer ready in two hours or less!


1. Stand By Me (1986)

Being the 80s classic that it is, Stand By Me is the film you're most likely to have seen on this list but it is surprising the amount of people who have never heard of it! With summer approaching it's time to bring this film to light and let it grace you with its feel-good vibes.

Stand By Me follows four best friends as they search for the body of a dead boy. So this may sound incredibly morbid and not at all feel-good but their journey through rural Oregon and their growing friendship is what will get you in the summer mood.

This film screams adventure and showcases a type of childlike innocence that you'll want to relive this summer break. The group's unity and ability to poke fun at one another is at the forefront of this 80s classic and the campfire scene of their random conversations will no doubt remind you of your friends and the need to kick back and relax. On top of this, the catchy soundtrack, the mischief and the emotional journey of the film will ignite a plethora of fun, original ideas for your own summer adventures and get you and your friends out searching for fun (but hopefully not a dead body...).

2. Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)

To give him credit, pretty much any of Richard Linklater’s films could have easily made this list, but Everybody Wants Some!! is an incredible explosion of colour, music, comedy and friendship that is too often overlooked in the discussion of 2016 films and will therefore be given the recognition it deserves.

Set in the 80s, the film takes place over the three days before college (university) is due to start and within that short time frame, the main characters get up to all sorts of crazy (often alcohol fuelled) activities including a disco, a hoedown and frat parties to name a few.

It’s the combination of the classic 80s music and style, the setting and the carefree fun the characters are so clearly shown to be having that creates the picture of an idyllic summer which will definitely get you riled up for summer nights out, meeting new people and maybe even a little summer romance.

Even if what they get up to isn’t quite your thing, the amount of fun and adventure they fit into just three days will be enough to inspire you to make the most of the three months you have free.


3. The Kings of Summer (2013)

The Kings of Summer is a story of 3 boys who, after finishing school for the summer, take control of their lives by building a house in the woods and living off the land. The scenery in this film is stunning.

That alone should be enough to make you want to get outside and be amongst nature, but if it’s not, there is also the peaceful yet engaging score, well-crafted, unique and relatable characters and a funny script, all of which work in capturing exactly what summer is about – laughing, learning and having fun.

Like Stand By Me, this is a film that will make you want to unite forces with your friends and do something new and maybe even out of your comfort zone all in the name of summer.

4. Endless Love (2014)

This is one for you romantics out there. It’s the classic story of boy meets girl, families disapprove and so on, but its setting and small scenes that capture the spirit of summer so perfectly.

Long car journeys with the radio blaring and the wind blowing in their hair, the dreamy natural sunlight, the dancing in the street and swimming in lakes, all very romantic but more importantly all very summery.

The montage scene of their summer together will hopefully inspire and remind you to make the most of every sunny day us Brits get (because let’s face it we don’t get many!) and venture further afield to ensure you have the perfect summer.

The theme of friendship and adventure is at the forefront of these films and rightly so. That is what summer should be about and why these films are so apt to get you riled up for the upcoming months.

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