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Watch the adrenaline fuelled new trailer for The Free Man


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Some people seek out danger. For others it finds them. For some it becomes a way of life. In the brand new trailer for The Free Man, we meet the extreme sports performers who live for the thrills of danger.

In the new documentary The Free Man director Toa Fraser (Dean Spanley, Giselle), documents the life and career of Olympic freestyle skier Jossi Wells when he partners with The Flying Frenches.

The trailer evokes questions about the nature of being truly free through conquering fear, and asks if it is worth risking your life for this thrill?

Jossi Wells is forced to confront these questions for himself as he takes on the challenge of a lifetime through flying thousands of metres above the ground with The Flying Frenchies.

A unique look at the breath taking yet dangerous world of extreme sports, The Free Man gives a glimpse into a word of adrenaline and danger where every adventure for these brave guys could be their last.

The Free Man is available digitally from April 10th and on DVD from April 24th.




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