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Film Review: Hurricane Bianca


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Camp comedies have been part of the LGBTQIA+ film-scape for a long time.

Often, they are used as anecdotes for the darker and more serious parts of the LGBTQIA+ community’s history. Films such as this play on the ‘gay’ and ‘camp’ stereotypical personalities, which were developed as a way for the community to battle the oppression and non-acceptance they faced.

2016’s addition to this hilarious genre came from director Matt Kugelman and his film Hurricane Bianca. The film starred RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner (Season 6) Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock). It’s a story of not belonging that's perfectly hilarious and lots of fun, and will teach you that there's no reason to fear what you do not first understand.

Nerd Richard (Roy Haylock) is a struggling science teacher, in New York City, with nothing to show for his hard work over the past eleven years of his career. After being offered a job in a small town in Texas, Richard decides to take up the offer and give it everything, despite it being a less than welcoming area.

Within days of starting his new job, Richard is exposed as being gay by the school’s staff and promptly fired. In a state of desperation, he befriends a woman named Karma who welcomes him into a community that accepts him fully and teaches him that there will always be an accepting community if you look hard enough.

As one of the most popular winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it’s no surprise that her big personality translates into film so spectacularly. Filled to the brim with Del Rio’s trademark sarcastic humour, the film is at its best when she is able to throw shade at the other characters in the story. Fans of the comedy queen have come to expect this of her and will not find themselves disappointed as the rolodex of hate starts spinning. 

Certain parts of the film aren't quite as successful though. The introduction of Richard and his New York life felt rushed and incomplete, lacking the development needed to truly sympathise with Richard and put yourself in his shoes. However, these flaws are less than important as the film is intended to focus on Bianca and reflect her personality; it's simply just a hilarious couple of hours; it doesn't take itself seriously and the audience shouldn't either.

The film, although silly and sarcastic, does teach us some very motivating and important lessons too. It aims to teach us that just because we may not understand something, it does not mean that we should fear or isolate it. We tend to become afraid of things that are outside our comfort zone. Hurricane Bianca shows you that when you find yourself and are true to who you really are, you can become an inspiration to those around you and change the lives of people surrounding you. It’s a truly important lesson we should all try to remember.

With appearances from some of your favourite drag personalities and a hilarious ending Hurricane Bianca definitely takes its place as one of Netflix's brightest new releases. 

Hurricane Bianca is available to stream on Netflix UK now. 

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