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Alone for Valentine's? Four of Netflix's hidden tainted romances to help you drown your sorrows


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As more of an action-hero girl, I’m not one for soppy romantic movies, but Valentine’s day is coming around (again) and so I began my preparations early by searching for a few particularly tragic Netflix endings to make me feel better about my oh-so-single-status when the dreaded day comes round.

I know, right. You thought January was bad, and then they go stacking pink champange and chocolate roses on all the central displays.

So if, like me, you’re planning on a night in hibernation from all the flashing neon hearts in restaurant windows this Valentine's weekend, look no further, I have handpicked for you four of the most beautifully sewn, tragic romances Netflix has to offer.

While your loved-up housemates saunter off into the rain for their overpriced meals, you can take solace in the knowledge that you’ll be sitting in comfort with a large dominos for one, some microwave-popcorn and a bottle of Basics whisky (because desperate times) and content yourself by absorbing the most tragic of endings romance can have.


This chilling, and at times openly grotesque adaptation of the Joe Hill horror-romance novel will keep you gripped to your seat. Poignant in places, and fatally romantic, enjoy watching Daniel Radcliffe storm his corrupted country town in a desperate attempt to discover the truth behind his soulmate's murder – for which he has been accused. And even if you don’t enjoy the fantasy asthetics and elements of horror, who wouldn’t want to watch a bare-chested Harry Potter turn dark this valentines?

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

What if a love was so painful that you couldn’t cope with your own memories of it? Award-winning film directed by Michel Gondry and starring the brilliant Jim Carrey and the beautiful Kate Winslet, exploring the futuristic possibility of memory altercation- where it might be possible to remove a person from your own past (because what singleton doesn’t relate to that on Valentine’s day!?) A compelling and thought-provoking psychological drama, which will have your mind completely distracted from fluffy teddy bears and curtesy cards, right up to its unprecedented conclusion.

Like Crazy

This beautifully crafted independent movie starring the now Oscar-nominated British actress Felicity Jones (made famous in 2015’s The Theory of Everything). For those amongst you who perhaps aren’t even single, but just unable to spend Valentines with that long-distance romance, Like Crazy tells the story of Jacob and Anna, Jacob from America; Anna British-born and bred. Falling in love when they attend the same American university, but torn perpetually apart when Anna violates the terms of her visa and it barred from re-entering the country. A heart-wrenching tale of young love, both kept alive and destroyed by distance.

6 Years

Being together six years is long for some, but longer for those who are only 18. Having spent a third of their lives as a romantic couple Dan and Mel believe they will be together forever. But can a love which blossoms that young really stay charged forever? When diverging ambitions start to drift the couple apart, Mel struggles to hold things together while Dan begins to doubt the future he has laid out for him. This is another indepedent film depicting a very real scenario for many univeristy romances. A definite tear-jerker for anyone struggling to let go of that distant childhood sweetheart.

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