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6 of cinema's most terrifying dystopian worlds
Interview: Sofia Black D'Elia
Why Secret Cinema's Star Wars is the best thing you can do this summer


Film Review: Nerve

This teen flick meets techno thriller is a surprise hit.

10 of the Most Bonkers Films at FrightFest 2016

As FrightFest draws nearer and nearer, we zero in on some of the must-see releases from this year’s festival.

6 possible plot lines for the Detective Pikachu movie that’s actually happening

Yep you read that right, Pikachu, as a detective. It’s happening.

Campfire Story: The Final Cut

Student filmmaker Lewis has spent painstaking months creating his debut film. 

Interview: Steven Spielberg

Ahead of the release of the BFG, the legendary director talks about bringing the classic tale to the big screen.

Film Review: The BFG

Steven Spielberg's film doesn't quite capture Roald Dahl's magic.

5 romcoms that will ruin your sense of romance

Some of the messages in these supposed 'romantic comedies' are a little misleading...

Tom Hiddleston and the other favourite actors who will never be Bond

With the bookies’ odds shifting on an almost minutely basis, we take a closer look at several of the most popular choices to be the next James Bond, and why they will never quite make it as 007.

Film Review: The Neon Demon

The latest poster-boy for film snobbery the world over, Nicolas Winding-Refn sends his own mammoth ego into overdrive with his latest indulgent effort. A treat for eyes, ears and most notably brains.

The Neon Demon and 8 of the Most Divisive Movies Ever

Whilst Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest continues to turn heads, we look at eight other films that have divided audiences over the years.

Film review: Men & Chicken

Anderson Thomas Jensen and former Bond-villain Mads Mikkelsen prove that Scandinavian cinema isn't really all about doom and gloom in this bonkers oddball comedy.

Film review: The Legend of Tarzan

For all its potential The Legend of Tarzan fails to deliver another quality take on the classic tale.

Film Review: Kiki, el amor se hace

Bringing the realities of living with a sex fetish to the big screen in an intimate, yet cleansing way.

Female directors take East End Film Festival Awards by storm

All four recipients of East London Film Festival’s jury awards are female.

Miyazaki vs. Disney: Why Studio Ghibli will always have my heart

Is Hayao Miyazaki the 'Japanese Walt Disney'?

Electrifying new stills from Nicholas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon is about to assault our screens with its eerie depiction of the dark side of LA’s modelling world.  

Film Review: The Founders

Breaking barriers and inspiring others.

FrightFest 2016 line-up announced

The stage is set for the horror festival’s biggest, boldest and most inclusive year yet.

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