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Goodbye Mark Darcy! 15 other fictional deaths that we still mourn today


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Helen Fielding’s decision to kill off Bridget Jones's very own Mr Darcy was met with horror ahead of yesterday's release of Mad About the Boy.

It definitely isn't the first time a fictional character's death has caused some seriously heightened emotion, however.

TNS decided to revisit the other fictional deaths that we just can't get over...

Beth from Little Women - Like Joey Tribbiani from Friends, I also mourned the death of Beth when she succumbed to scarlet fever in Louisa May Alcott’s Civil War era novel. And all over again, in the film... go on, emotionally destroy yourself once more:

Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey - The death of Dan Steven’s character from the hit show provoked outrage and shock from the fans after he decided to leave the pursue a career in the movies. By the end of episode one of series four, though, Lady Mary had taken some good advice from Maggie Smith, chosen life and got over it. As had the rest of the Downton-watching world. Apart from maybe the people who created this little mourning mash-up:

Littlefoot’s Mum from Land Before Time - The first cartoon death of the list. Littlefoot's mum is killed defending Littlefoot from 'Sharptooth' an evil T-Rex when he simply just a tiny little dinosaur. Sob.

Lee Scoresby in His Dark Materials - There are many deaths in the novel, but none was more upsetting that the lovable Texan Aeronaut, who lost his life fending off soldiers before the witch Serafina Pekkela could save him.

Gerard from Peep Show - This is mainly for the comedy fans, but I really mourned the loss of Gerard, who died of flu at the beginning of the last series. What is worse is that his best friend Mark showed absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Harsh.

Marley from Marley and Me - The death of the real life story of the erratic yet lovable dog of journalist John Grogan made every animal lover weep, and the tears were still flowing when the movie was remade for film in 2008. If you need a reminder of the pure, wrought emotion, here's the film in five seconds:

Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey - Another death for Downton, arguably far more upsetting than that of Matthew Crawley. Youngest Grantham, feminist activist and all round best sister Sybil died during a horrific childbirth.

Vito Corleone from The Godfather- This, for some reason, made me incredibly sad. Especially as it was whilst he was playing with his grandson. Possibly I am alone in this.

Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street - When the death of Vera from heart failure was aired in 2003 the massive press attention it gained caused heightened emotions even in those who never watch soaps. Probably. Here's a tribute to Vera, set to a soundtrack by The Police.

John Coffey from the Green Mile - The death John Coffey, who eventually met his demise in an electric chair, is still one that will still hold in our hearts today.

‘The Red Wedding’ from Game of Thrones - GoT fans recoiled in during the now notorious Red Wedding episode. Tywin Lannister and Lord Walder Frey decide to attack the entire building, killing 3,500 footmen including King Robb Stark, his Queen Talisa and his mother Catelyn Stark. Social media grieving rapidly ensued, and someone made this video:  

Ellie Fredricksen in Up - Despite the fact that she dies at the beginning of the film, we still felt serious emotions after Ellie's death. I mean, they never got to go to Paradise Falls together... destroyed. 

Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings - Gandalf the Grey first dying shocked and saddened as all. However all turns out well, when he turns into Gandalf the White. Phew.

Mufasa from the Lion King - Every person who has seen this film, whether you are male or female, young or old, should have cried at the death of Mufasa. If you didn’t, you are just heartless. End of.

Majority of the Harry Potter deaths - Whether it was Cedric Diggory, Sirius Black, Dobby, Hedwig, Fred, Snape... or any of the others that we just didn't believe JK could kill off. At least one of the Harry Potter deaths got to our hearts and we needed some time to mourn. Mine (and probably most other people's) was the loss of Dumbledore in the Half-Blood Prince.

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