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6 of cinema's most terrifying dystopian worlds
Interview: Sofia Black D'Elia
Why Secret Cinema's Star Wars is the best thing you can do this summer


Film Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

A sloppily written, poorly acted, CGI-overloaded, shameless rerun of its predecessor.

10 classic books that would be way better with zombies

Most period dramas would benefit from a full-on, blood-soaked zombie attack.

5 Reasons to Get Excited About FrightFest 2016

With political horrors apparently spreading across the nation, why not distract yourself with the fictional kind for a change?

5 ways Brexit is basically the same as Independence Day: Resurgence

Is our Independence Day really all that different from Hollywood king of destruction Roland Emmerich’s?

Film Trailer: Storks

This could be our new Monsters Inc. 

Film Review: And Then I Was French @ East End Film Festival 2016

Coming-of-age meets Euro-style psycho-thriller in Claire Leona Apps’ bizarre, surreal and often rather heavy-handed debut.

Film Review: The Darkest Universe @ East End Film Festival 2016

Young, starry-eyed and home-grown filmmakers Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley strike back with another dark, trippy and British-flavoured treat.

Film Trailer: BrOTHERHOOD

Back in the hood.

Interview: Eric Stonestreet

Who has the better secret life - pets, or Walter Mitty?

11 sports films to get you excited for the Olympics

Summer 2016 is set to be a sporty one.

Film Trailer: I, Daniel Blake

The 2016 Palme d'Or winner is released in October. 

Film Review: Where to Invade Next

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is back with more criticisms of the United States.

Filmmaker Michael Moore hits out at "toxic" UK

Rising tuition fees, Tony Blair and Brexit - just some of the things Moore believes are "toxic" in the UK

London riots documentary The Hard Stop trailer released

New documentary explores the aftermath of Mark Duggans death five years on

Film Review: Wiener-Dog @ Sundance London 2016

Master of the uncomfortable Todd Solondz fails to win any new supporters with his latest stab at absurd comedy.

Launch of New Voices Award for under-represented film makers

Support for the next generation of producers and filmmakers is needed if original and inspiring films are to come to the fore

Film Review: Other People @ Sundance London 2016

Breaking Bad alumnus Jesse Plemons takes the lead in this bittersweet cancer drama about the importance of family.

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