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The ultimate style guide for spring


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Spring is coming (we hope), so we've teamed up with Dimensions, who offer a tailored workwear service, to bring you the ultimate style-guide that narrows down the best materials for the summer heat. The guide will also give you advice on how to dress your best for all types of escapades — from festivals to pool parties.

Image credit: Wendy Wei, via Pexels

Spring is fast approaching and there’s no doubt that you’ll be snapping plenty of pictures for your Instagram feed — so you'll want to look good. 

We’re a generation that thrives off likes, comments and shares, meaning that we must be on top of our game when it comes to the summer months. Whether you’re outlandish with your style decisions or tend to play it safe and be more reserved, you can’t be caught sporting outdated fashion trends this year. If you believe you need to upgrade your wardrobe, we’re going to help you do it.

Which materials are ideally the best to wear? 

Competition is fierce when it comes to who looks the best when the sun is out, but no one looks better than one who is comfortable in all scenarios. To achieve all-round comfort in the hot weather, there are a few materials that you can wear that still make you look your best.

The last thing you want when the sun is shining is to feel uncomfortable, or even having to go to the excessive lengths of changing your outfit. So, 37.5®Technology has been designed to combat this issue. You may not have heard of this cutting-edge fabric technology, but it can be lifechanging for those who fear perspiration patches on their clothes — especially when the suns out.

Simply put, this technology has the ability to work with your body and determine whether you need warming or cooling. As well as this, the vapor stage allows it to move moisture out of the clothing before liquid sweat can form — perfect for those who like to keep active as well as sunbathe.


Image credit: Pixabay, via Pexels

Rayon is another material that is suited with the hotter climate, and is made from a mix of cotton, wood pulp and other natural or synthetic fibres. The fabric has very thin threads, which allows it to breathe more than other fabrics, as well as being quite light to prevent it from sticking to the skin.

Alternatively, wearing cotton can be great for the summer months, as it is very soft and breathable due to how light it is — which in turn enables the heat generated by the body to escape properly. As cotton is so popular among fashion retailers, it is a very viable option for your summer wardrobe shop.

We’ve collated some of the most common events that occur when summer is here to give you advice on what to wear — from colours and styles — for both men and women:

Pool Parties 

Image credit: Eric Nopanen, via Unsplash

For Men

When you’re planning to attend a pool party with the lads, you want to look your best whilst being able to have as much fun possible in and around the pool. We recommend wearing microfiber polyester shorts, and because they absorb more water than polypropylene and nylon — you can opt for bright colours. When it comes to the shirt, you want to go for something opposite to your shorts; so, if you go for bright shorts, go for a dark shirt. You should go for the tropical-look to present those true summer vibes.

For Women

Are you heading to a pool party with your girlfriends? Don’t worry, because when it comes to what to wear — we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re ultra-confident or like to be more reserved when you attend these types of events, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. When it comes to swimsuits, pastel colours are in this season and it’s important to remember that the lighter you go, the more heat repellent you become. This can ultimately make you feel more comfortable on your outing. However, just because light colours are sun-repellent, it doesn’t mean that you can bypass sun protection! Don’t be afraid to pair your swimsuit with a silky-cover up that can be easily put on and taken off when you please. 


Destination: Beach

Image credit: Adam Kontor, via Pixabay

For Men

You want to look good when completing a romantic walk across the beachfront — but opt for simple attire that will still make you look like the perfect date. When picking your shorts, go for a fitted chino-style that are made from cotton, as this will undoubtedly compliment the rest of your outfit and prepare you for the rest of the day if you decide to visit a restaurant or pub. Pair your shorts with a plain top and wear a pastel-coloured shirt on top without buttoning it up, as this will help you show off a mix of materials and colours. When it comes to deciding on your shoes, why not pick a pair of classic trainers?


For Women

When you set out on a romantic beach walk, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. The last thing you want to feel is the struggling of making it to the other end, so to stay comfy, you need to wear light materials that will allow you to drift across the soft white sands. We recommend wearing a beach dress that is made up of viscose materials and go for something that is predominantly dark but has flushes of bright, bold and beautiful colours in. Pair these with loose-fitted sandals that can be easily removed when you’re venturing into the water.


The Festival Spirit 

Image credit: Ryan Everton, via Unsplash

For Women

This is where your creative fashion freedom is unleashed — when dressing for a festival, there is nothing that you can’t mix and match with. Dressing for a festival all comes down to personal preference; however, there are some recommendations that we must give. Every festival-goer should think about carrying a light backpack that can be easily carried around to hold your personal items, such as your smartphone, charger, purse and keys. You don’t want to be wearing a maxi dress at a festival, as this could potentially be trampled — opt for cottoned shorts that are spacious enough to let you dance the day away, as well as a light vest top that allows your body to breathe. For your shoes, go for something flat like converse or buckled sandals so your feet don't get tired!


For Men

Just like the girls, the opportunities you have to dress your best for a festival is limitless. You have the ability to be as creative as you’d like — but here is what we think you should be wearing to stand out from the crowd. You want to wear a bright and bold silk shirt that has lots of patterns on it; something unusual that isn’t commonly worn every day. It’s not just the girls who can have fun and dance the day away; you can too by wearing comfortable cottoned shorts that aren’t too tight on your legs. For your shoes, go for black trainers that can complement the rest of your outfit.

How will you be dressing this summer?

Lead image credit: Wendy Wei, via Pexels 

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