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The Star Sign Style Stakes: our Aquarius fashion icons


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It's here - Aquarius season is upon us, bringing with it all the originality and quirkiness this air sign is so well-known for.  

More than any other sign, Aquarians are known to disregard the rules and go against popular fashion statements in their keenness to emphasise and embrace their own uniqueness, which means this best-dressed list might just be one of the most distinctive to date.


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Ralph.. thanks for 50 yrs of designing dreams, telling stories,thru fashion. Loved celebrating #RL50 with you.

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Imagine being so iconic that people want you to be president as much as they want to share your wardrobe. Time and time again Oprah features on best-dressed lists, and in particular we love that she embraces her glasses and often wears them to red carpet events, proving that they're not the reserve of the office but also a style statement in themselves.

Harry Styles

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Boy oh boy has Harry Styles had experienced something of a style evolution, graduating from a grey cardigan at his X Factor audition to the Gucci Tailoring campaign in just a matter of years. If his Kiwi video proved anything, it's that no matter how heavily embroidered they are, suits don't wear this man: he wears them.

Stormi Webster 

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daddy dropped off a new chair for stormi and omg this girl threw the bag over her shoulder i can’t.

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Ok, so you're probably thinking we've gone one step too far including a literal baby on a best-dressed list. I get it; after all, I highly doubt Stormi currently has any say in what she wears each day given that her mum is Kylie Jenner. Nevertheless, did you see how she flipped that mini Louis over her shoulder?  A style icon in the making, I'm calling it now.

Alicia Keys

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BIG news.... (check my story)

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This woman is on fire (I'm sorry, it had to be done).  Whether she's courtside at a basketball game or making her way down the red carpet, her sense of style always seems authentically hers. In more recent years, she's been leading the way in embracing a more natural approach to beauty by foregoing makeup at major events - and we love her for it.

Farrah Fawcett

Image credit: ABC Television [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As the owner of one of the most iconic haircuts in history, Farrah Fawcett is often remembered as a beauty icon (and rightly so). But, let's not forget that she also wore some pretty great clothes. Whether it was a silky dress at a swanky event or a pair of flares and a jumper in a field, there was no look she couldn't pull off.  

Elizabeth Olsen

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons 

The younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley may not be quite as prolific as her siblings, but that doesn't mean her wardrobe isn't. Here at The National Student we love a look we can re-imagine ourselves, so her penchant for blending tailored pieces with casual tees and unstyled hair is certainly something we can get behind.

Frankie Grande

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When it comes to red carpets, we're so used to seeing a sea of black tuxes, black bow ties, and black ties. Amidst all this monochrome, Frankie Grande is a breath of fresh air; he consistently opts for bright colours and interesting sillhouettes, truly proving his quirky and unique Aquarius credentials.

If anyone can do power dressing, it's Amal Clooney.  Whether she's taking to the stage at the UN, parading down a red carpet, or even attending a royal wedding, she's proven that when it comes to formal attire there's no colour too bright and no hat brim too wide.


Millie Bobby Brown


Image credit: Gage Skidmore on Flickr


Apparently, MBB is just going to skip that awkward teenage phase and go straight to the style icon one (although that's probably helped by the fact designers and stylists are scrambling to dress her). Never one to go for the predictable option, she brings a splash of youthfulness and fun to even the most highbrow of events.


Yoko Ono


Image credit:  Koch, Eric / Anefo via Wikipedia 


If you ever needed any evidence that age is just a number then Yoko Ono is what you're looking for, and as an activist, artist, singer, and songwriter it comes as no surprise that she has a truly eclectic and iconic sense of style. The knee boots and long, centrally-parted hair of decades gone by have now been replaced by tailored suits and a sleek pixie cut, but her signature sunglasses have transcended the limits of time and boy are we glad they have.


Stay tuned for our return with a round-up of some of the best-dressed Pisces!

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