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How to get your legs summer ready


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Summer means getting those legs out - so if you're a girl who likes to remove the hairs off of their legs, keep on reading!

Waxing, epilating, shaving, there are so many things you can do to make yourself slippery like an eel for summer - but which one do you guys prefer? 

I decided to ask my friend and certified beautician, Bec what the pros and cons of each kind of hair removal and what each can offer you - you're welcome!


This is what we usually gravitate towards the first time we ever remove hairs from our body - simply picking up the razor and swiping away. 

"This hair removal technique is usually favoured by the girls who want to remove it [hair] quickly," Bec says. "I recommend using the Venus Comfort Glide Olay Razor, £13.99. The soap allows the razor to glide better across the skin. "


"Waxing is a great way to do two things in one," Bec explained to me. "Not only does the wax remove hair, it also exfoliates the skin naturally!" 

Waxing also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and lasts longer than most other hair removals, therefore, making it worth the money and the trip to the salon. Sadly, waxing can also be painful so please bear that in mind!

Salon trips are recommended to ensure you get a clean, smooth surface.


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This treatment requires using a machine called an epilator. This machine acts as electronic tweezers that pull out unwanted hairs. 

Bec doesn't recommend these because they're time to consume!

"Epilating takes a long time to do! You'll be there for at least an hour and even then you might not get all the hairs!" 

If you do want use this treatment, however, we recommend using the Phillips HP6423/02 Satinelle Essential Compact Epilator, £35 (not pictured). 

Hair Removal Cream

Finally we come to the last type of hair removal. The one that smells like eggs. 

"A less invasive form of hair removal, Veet and other products like it, dissolves even tiny hairs. However, you need to remember it can irritate your skin if you aren't vigilant with that timer!" says Bec. 

If you are good at time management and prefer a less invasive method, Veet 5 minute cream for sensitive skin, £7.35 for a smooth finish. 

Which one will you be using this summer?

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