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Things I wish I knew before dying my hair pink


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If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you how much I love to change my hair. I've been red, purple, black, orange and recently I took the plunge and dyed my hair pink.

I shall insert a picture here of fetus Joanna rocking her Rihanna Red hair...*cringe*

Happy little bastard #shoutoutteam

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So yes, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to dye my hair pink and last week I used a diluted version of the La Riche Directions Flamingo Pink hair dye - a great brand for dying your hair bright colours - and finally became the 'beauty school dropout' I always wanted to be. 

Since I've already had quite an experience with others 'freaking out' about my hair colour choices and have even gained some more insight into the wonderful world of brightly coloured hair, I decided to write up a little list of things I didn't know before I dyed my hair pink...

1.) People will stop you in public 

Yep, it's a thing. I have been stopped twice now by older women to ask me 'how I got my hair like this'. It then involves you standing on the train platform/in Starbucks for another 20 minutes explaining the process to a woman who probably zoned out as soon as you used the word 'bleach'. 

2.) Pink is hard to upkeep

I already experienced this maintenance issue when I had red hair, so it didn't come as a surprise to me when the water ran pink in my first shower AD (after dye - heh heh).

To rectify this, I recommend using a pink based shampoo such as the Bleach London Rose Shampoo and creating your own concoction of conditioner and hair dye mixed together to inject colour after every wash. 

Fluorescent Adolescent

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3.) You'll do some double takes and might hate it at first.

I will be completely honest, I hated my hair when I first did it. I thought it made me look strange and I felt so unconfident - I was ready to quit. But I think that was just my brain getting used to having such a bright colour on my head. 

Oh and be prepared to see yourself in mirrors, car windows and in other people's sunglasses and get a shock - especially straight after. 

4.) Your hair will need some TLC

Your hair will have gone through a lot to get to this candyfloss state so you must look after it! Bleach does no end of damage sadly so it important to get into a hair routine to keep your hair nourished.

I recommend the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Masque as it locks in moisture and adds softness and conditions the hair. 

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5.) Black clothes are your new best friend

NOTHING WILL MATCH. Black, grey, white, usually mixed with a hint of pink is your best friend from now on. Your hair is now your fashion accessory and you must make your peace with that. 

Do any of you have coloured hair too? Let me know!

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