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My Style Hero: Megan Ellaby


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For me, there is not a style more iconic than that of a self-professed pattern clasher; period.

Mancunian style blogger, Megan Ellaby, is exactly that – her Instagram is an array of vibrant colours, funky patterns and exciting mix up’s. 

A blogging sensation of about 5 years, seeing Megan’s fun-loving posts and quirky vlogs shows it’s no wonder she’s made it so far; sponsorships with Rayban, events with Topshop, ads for here, there and everywhere.

Setting her aside from so many other style bloggers, Megan’s quirky fashion sense is unlike any other. Mixing androgynous garments with girly, bright twists gives her a funky edge that so many people miss – fashion should be fun, above all else, and that’s the most important thing.


Why do I love her?

Flicking through her Instagram or blog and it’s easy to see how she has become so popular. Her style is crazy amazing and super fun, but she always comes across as such a genuinely lovely person and a great laugh – definitely the type of friend you’d want for a night out and hangover brunch the next day. 

I adore that her style doesn’t fit into one box – her posts can differ so much from one to other; wholesome double denim with bright accents to punky leather and sportswear.  Her versatility and willingness to throw anything together is something I admire.


Some of you went loopy for last nights dress, others for the boots Both are @tommyhilfiger dontcha knoooooow

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How has she inspired me?

It’s easy to give in to the safe option; black. Sticking on an LBD for a last minute night out, black skinny jeans for a day trip. It’s flattering, goes with everything and the easy option. Megan, if one thing, stands out against this ideology. Clashing prints and colours, shying away from nothing, she refuses to put herself into a box and class herself as the norm.

Rain, rain go away k hun? Keen to whack the ole pins out in cute dresses such as this, tar bbz

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A quick glance at Megan’s photographs is all I need to influence my wardrobe choices – goodbye safety net of dark clothing and hi to vibrant pops that brighten up the day!

I love mixing up funky pieces and ensuring outfits are anything but boring… if there’s one piece of advice I can take from Megan that would be it.

And anyone who can pair a rugby shirt with bright pink ankle boots, or pull of a leopard print suit is a hero in my eyes!

Follow Megan here.

Who's your Style Hero?

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