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My Style Hero: Vanessa Hudgens


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On Team Fashion & Beauty here at The National Student, we pride ourselves on our wide range of styles and have decided to create a weekly lean in for each of us to get a chance to show you our Style Heroes. This week, Fashion Contributor Holly McLaren has her say...

Fashion trends come and go, but style icons stay with us forever. When asked who my style icon was it was a no-brainer. From the hallways of East High to everyone’s favourite fashion-forward festival, my style icon is Vanessa Hudgens.

When her co-stars were wearing skirts over jeans, she remained defiant in the face of noughties fashion. It didn’t take long for her to have established herself as a bohemian queen and I have been obsessed ever since. 

Why do I love her?

From sidewalk strolls to the fields of Coachella, it’s hard to find images of Vanessa not looking totally chic. Her love for layered jewellery and funky prints has become more refined in recent years, allowing for her style to grow in the same elegance as she has.

Not only is her distinct style is free-spirited but it is also sophisticated. She is able to switch between her day to day wardrobe and red-carpet outfits effortlessly, while still retaining the certain je-ne-sais-quois that makes her iconic. 

How has she inspired me?

Her Instagram is both envy and awe-inducing - something of which I think we’d all like to be. From the introduction of bohemian prints into my very dark wardrobe to the way I wear my hair, her style has been a pillar of my personal fashion journey.

I remember first seeing a dress she wore at a movie premiere back in 2012 - it was bright yellow, a colour often shunned by most, and I was absolutely captivated by it. It changed the way I looked at colours in fashion and saw me begin to take risks in my own wardrobe. 

While I doubt I’ll ever reach the same heights as her incredible style, she boasts an attainable look. Rustic boots, floaty skirts and long necklaces aren’t items that can only be pulled off by the drop-dead gorgeous. She has the wondrous ability to look perfectly put together but as if it took no effort at all.

Not only is her Instagram full of her gorgeous style choices, but also heavily features things that influence her too.

You can follow Vanessa's Instagram here.

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