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Goodbye spray bottles, hello Fragrance Paintbrush


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Forget your old-school glass bottled perfume, the ‘English scent maverick,’ Jo Malone has created The Fragrance Paintbrush with her newest brand ‘Jo Loves.’

Jo Loves is a brand that represents “the memories and moments in life that she loves.” Amongst the collection of bath, body, and candle fragrances is her pioneering new product: The Fragrance Paintbrush.

If we are going to take fragrance advice from anybody, we are going to take it from Jo Malone. So if Jo says we should paint fragrance onto the body, rather than just spritzing it randomly over our skin, who are we to argue?

“It’s looking at fragrance as becoming the artist and picking up the paintbrush and painting yourself with fragrance, which is a paradigm shift.” 

The revolution behind the paintbrush is that “it dries all the alcohol quickly and then can take another fragrance and then different parts of your body [will have different scents.]”

The Fragrance Paintbrush application method is the first of its kind, with a quick-drying gel formula allowing you to layer the fragrances and create your own unique scent.

The innovative idea developed after Ms. Malone's husband, Gary Wilcox, encouraged her to change the way that fragrance is applied forever. ‘Once in your lifetime' he said, 'you should change the way that the world wears fragrance – just once’.”

You may think this method sounds intimidating compared to your normal glass bottle spray, and even Jo admits that the paintbrushes were “a crazy idea.” However, she began experimenting with the idea once she found gel-formula cologne and a paintbrush that was the ideal size for the compact shape that she was imagining.

At the launch of these state-of-the-art fragrances, Jo Malone said: “whether I am at the beach, on a plane, walking around the city or out for dinner, the Fragrance Paintbrush comes everywhere with me.”

The fragrances come in a selection scents, including Pomelo, Red Truffle 21, White Rose & Lemon Leaves and Green Orange & Coriander.

My personal favourite is Red Truffle 21, Combining the rare culinary delicacy with green fig and bitter citrus, quite unlike any other fragrance I have ever smelt, adding a modern twist to what feels like a classic fragrance.

It's compact, genius and contemporary. If you love a unique fragrance and an even more unique way of applying it, then Jo Loves has got it. 

Shop the entire Jo Loves collection here

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