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TREND ALERT: Cardigans


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Cardigans are back, and whether you’re fan or not, I’ll bet you have at least one in your closet!

Winter is edging its way into our every day, but we’re still trying to cling to what’s left of autumn. It can’t be cold enough for faux fur coats and puffers already can it?

If you’re a gal in denial, this forgotten trend might just be the answer to your problems.  

For a lot of people, cardigans seem too basic to make a statement but let’s not underestimate their staying power, nor their multifunctional value. And now that the likes of Gwen Stefani have been spotted out and about sporting the good old knit, who are we to turn our noses up?

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Not only is the cardigan officially fashionable again amongst blogger and celebrities alike, but it also might just be the most practical piece of clothing you’ve forgotten about. From providing an extra layer over than autumn tea-dress, to – yes – even the red carpet apparently!

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Wearable with practically everything: from jeans and long dresses to short skirts. Gaudy colours, catchy patterns or a classic black or white- it’s up to you to choose and the variety is undeniably appealing.

Still not convinced? Why not check out some of the pieces that won me over:

Ribbed detail cardigan, Mango £35.99  

Black can never go wrong and it is never boring. The big sleeves are an interesting detail and this is that one piece that can be combined with everything, for every kind of situation, formal or informal- so if you don’t have it yet, you should definitely look for one.

Fine-knit cotton cardigan, H&M £17.99

We are still in the classic ones. Now the golden buttons are the catchiest detail and again, white is an eternally beautiful colour. It is more risky than black and its cut makes it more formal than the first one, but surely worth it.

Folk cardigan with fringing, Stradivarius £29.99

Ethnic patterns and fringes are a winning combination. It might be more difficult to coordinate with the rest of the outfit, especially if you tend to use patterns a lot, but certainly makes a statement. Nobody wants to look boring, isn’t it?

Leopard print cardigan, Forever21 £24.00

This is one of my favourites. For someone who doesn’t really like colour, I am usually wearing at least one piece with patterns.

With this kind of cardigan, you don’t need to think much. It doesn’t have to be always used with jeans- you can mix it up by putting on a leather short skirt like the one in the picture. These patterns are lovely- girly, fun and can definitely make a statement.  

Gem button cardigan, Zara £29.99

I cannot stress enough how much I love pink, especially this gaudy shade.

Simple, classic, girly and lively. Extremely practical for any situation, especially if you are tired of your eternal black and want to risk wearing more vivid colours.

Patchwork cardigan, Topshop £42.00

The over-sized cardigan had to be on the list. Like the one from Stradivarius but for a less elaborate look, even though the colours allow more creativity for the rest of the outfit. Trendy and perfect for street style. Every girl can rock this look.

Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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