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Hot new hair colours to try out this summer


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Summer is always about the blondes, from platinum to strawberry. But let’s face it: nothing in 2017 is done by halves.

This summer is set to see bright apricot take place of that delicate strawberry tint, ice-blonde (otherwise being referred to at ‘sci-fi’ blonde’) stepping in for platinum, red - and I’m talking vibrant ruby-red - to brighten up the brunettes, and mint green for the more daring amongst you.

Sci-fi Blonde

This summer sci-fi blonde is taking place of last year's silver-hair craze, ripping us out of our Game of Thrones fantasy, and transporting us into a space-age future. Forgetting all the usual rules of white-blonde hair, this trend is most striking on darker skin tone and on short, straight-cut styles to give a really clean, angular finish.

L’Oreal Preference Extreme Platinum is one of the lightest shades of blonde available.


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Orange is a big colour this season, so why not go the whole way and give your a hair a citrus flavour? This is a great colourway if you’re wanting something a little more subtle. Easily buildable, with shades varying from apricot to vivid mango, you really can make your colour your own.

If you’re looking to give this shade a go without a big commitment, Pixie Lott’s wash-in wash-out chalk comes in a delicate shade of ‘Apricot Crush’, perfect for a pre-summer experiment. Meanwhile, L’Oreal Mango Intense Copper is definitely up there for those looking to light up the beach-party.  


Cherry Bomb

That’s right, it’s all about the fruity flavours this summer. And cherry-red, and we mean vibrant ‘fire-cracker’ red, is going to be a stand-out hair trend this season.

Taking those classic auburn shades up to the next level, this bold colour choice can be made to work over any base-colour.

Take the plunge with Schwarzkopf LIVE Ultra Brights Pillar Box Red.

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Minty Fresh

2016 saw its fair share of pastel shades come and go, from baby pink, to lilac. But 2017 is looking to add a new and refreshing shade to the palette: mint green.

Most effective on naturally light hair, this shade can be applied all over for the fantasy mermaid look, or interwoven with last-years pastel shades to give a gentle rainbow effect.

To embrace the shade of the season, we recommend you look to Colorista Washout Mint Green or Crazy Colour Peppermint to start your colour revolution.

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