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What I wore this week: Zhenya Nikolova, Fashion Contributor


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When it comes to fashion, I spend ridiculous amounts of time picking the perfect outfit. I have to admit, I'm so bad that I actually have to plan my outfit the night before. Every time I’ve left this task for the morning, I’ve ended up being late due to having a mini break down in front of my wardrobe.

Oh and, If you are reading this, mum, please don’t call me to let me know how many clothes I own. I know I do, but it’s not about putting any clothes on. It’s about what mood you in, what style you are feeling and what message you are trying to send. And there is also weather, hair, make-up to consider.

This week, which was filed with lots of sunshine and Strongbow Dark Fruit, I got out some of my favourite spring/summer clothes and put the big, knitted jumpers away ( YAY).

Day 1

This metallic skirt is one of my favourite pieces of 2016. Unfortunately, I only let myself wear it when the temperature picks up - tights are not an option in this case. I believe the skirt isn’t supposed to be high wasted but being your typical short girl, I pull it up as much as possible. I styled it with a basic crop top so the full attention is on the metallic beauty. 

Day 2

Tuesday was a good day. Not only did I see The Weekend live but I got to accessorise and wear higher heels than usual.

Going to a concert is the perfect excuse to dress up during the day. I’ve combined this mid denim skirt with matching denim choker and pink backpack to go with my cap. Though this outfit has a lot of details, I like to think they work together.

Also featured in this are my big hoops (without which I can’t leave the house) and a cut-out front tee.

Day 3

Being the warmest day of the year so far, I put uni work off for the evening and made the most of the sun. Doesn’t every girl have a breakdown when a new season approaches and suddenly you haven’t got any weather-appropriate clothing?

Well, I do. But I can always rely on this mini skater skirt to make my outfit stand. And, with denim and faux being so on trend this year, throwing this jacket over the top made for the perfect semi-warm-weather combination.

Day 4

I decided, If I’m spending the next 12 odd hours in the library, I better look sassy AF. That's right, I put just as much effort into my outfits, whether I'm intending to be seen or not!

You can’t beat a pair of black jeans a nice top. Despite the weather going back to grey, I was still in a full spring mood so out came the super thin metallic jacket which is perfect when you don’t have too much going on underneath.

Day 5

On Fridays, we dress up.

As you can see, I’m very big on slogans. I just love clothes that speak out for me. Treating myself to a day off, I stayed in my pjs all day (no shame). So, obviously going out for drinks was a duty.

I owe so much to the person inventing tee dresses. They are comfy, stylish and have multiple ways of wearing. Depending on your footwear and accessories, you can wear this piece for both casual and going out occasions.

I also want to mention this holographic clutch bag. It has the perfect shape and size and the chain makes it look quite expensive (it’s a Primark product, guys!)

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