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Viral tweet calls out Zara for using slim models in 'Love your Curves' campaign


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“Love your curves”, a Zara advert says alongside a drawing of a heart. The text seems to promote celebration of larger body sizes, but the text's message is confused and contradicted by the two very slim models standing alongside.

An image of the advert was shared on Twitter by Muireann O’Connell yesterday with the caption “You have got to be shitting me, Zara.”

The tweet has quickly gone viral, with thousands of people retweeting and liking it.

After seeing the advert in Dublin, O’Connell has said that the store lost her custom as she decided against buying a dress because of it.

Twitter users have been quick to pick up on the worrying message in the clothing brand’s advert, showing their agreement with O’Connell.

O’Connell replied to her own tweet asking how nobody on Zara’s marketing said “Lads, lads, how about we don’t piss people off?”

One Twitter user recognised the damage that the message in Zara’s advert can have, saying “wake up. This is not curvy”, before adding #EatingDisorderAwarenessWeek.

The advert highlights the continued issues with body image in fashion marketing. Zara's decision to use slim models to promote curves is concerning, reflecting a distorted perception of body size.

O'Connell's tweet calls out Zara for their misjudged advertising, showing that the inherently damaging message in the fashion brand's image should be recognised, addressed and challenged.

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