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Alma Har’el translates scent into sight in her short film JellyWolf


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Inspired by synaesthesia, memory and dreams, Alma Har’el imagines what the smell of CHANEL N⁰5 L’EAU would look like as a vision in her short film JellyWolf.


Screenshot: JellyWolf (Ooyala)

JellyWolf was created for The Fifth Sense, a collaborative project by i-D and Chanel which aims to promote female creativity and artistically explore the sense of smell.

Har'el's short film features a girl entering an occultist shop in the hopes of envisioning the scent of CHANEL N⁰5 L’EAU.

Through a combination of lemons, roses and burnt wood, the notes of the Chanel perfume are used to create a vision-inducing drink. Before she is transported to the scent's fantasy world, the girl tells of fond memories associated witht the scent, saying that her grandmother told her "your dreams come true faster when they smell like roses."

As she finds herself in a world of lemon-filled pools, lightning-struck skies and neon-painted darkness, the girl is seen to experience the scent with simultaneous confusion and excitement. The envisioned world is impossible yet relatable, reflecting the nature of scent as familiar yet intangible.

Rich with colours, textures, shapes and sounds, the visionary experience in JellyWolf reflects the intense and abstract responses that powerful smells evoke.

"Will I remember this?" the girl asks in the film.

With quiet assurance, she is told in response "your nose will."

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