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The one quick way to know if your bra size is wrong


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Finding the right bra for your boobs can be a total nightmare - and it’s probably the reason why millions of women across the world are wearing the wrong size.

We don’t always particularly fancy baring all in the M&S changing rooms, but sporting the wrong bra size can lead to aches, pains and sagging breasts.


One really simple tip has been revealed by Insider to help women to know if they have got the wrong bra size without having to strip off in a changing room.

Insider spoke to Nicole Kivitz from French Lingerie brand Chantelle, who advised that the ultimate bra-buying mistake is choosing one with a back size that is bigger than it should to be. Kivitz has advised that when wearing your bra on the first hook, you should be able to fit two fingers between your back and the band.

Kivitz has said, “because 80% of your support is from your band, it should be tight".


If this isn't a major tell-tale sign for you already, other warning signals include your straps falling down, extra ‘spillage’ over the top or sides of the cups, or any marks on your shoulders at the end of the day.

Also if your underwire is poking you or you've got ‘back bulge’ from your bra- it might be time to start realising and get resizing. It’s a good excuse to buy some new pretty lingerie though, right?


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