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Ridiculously photogenic father and son launch modelling career


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If you’ve ever seen a better looking father and son, raise your hand.

Modelling duo Remco Van Der Linden, 40, and his father Aad, 70, are set to take the world by storm if these pictures are anything to go by.

Two men in cable-knit jumpers (Mauritzio Montani/PA)
Remco (40) and Aad (70) are a seriously desirable duo (Mauritzio Montani/PA)

The two big fish in the gene pool started modelling together eight months ago and their first campaign with camera company Tamron has just launched.

On holiday together in Ibiza, Remco and Aad had some pictures taken by a professional photographer.

When Remco uploaded these to Facebook they caught the attention of German photographer Thomas Kettner, who booked the twosome for their first professional shoot.

Father and son smile at each other(Thomas Kettner /MOT Models)
(Thomas Kettner /MOT Models)

Remco and Aad are spending Father’s Day with family in their native Holland. “We live near the beach so we always go to this beach club if the weather is good,” said Remco.

As Aad turned 70 this week, it’ll be a dual celebration.

Two men in suites look into the camera, the one on the left has a pipe in his mouth(Mauritzio Montani/MOT Models)
The pair looking dapper (Mauritzio Montani/MOT Models)

The pair weren’t always as close as they look in these photos. Aad was involved in a car accident over 20 years ago which resulted in the death of a 17-year-old girl. Although he was proven not to be at fault for the crash, he has carried guilt over the incident ever since, which kept the father and son from bonding.

Recently Aad undertook Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to help rid himself of painful memories of the incident, which the duo credit with healing their relationship.

two men stand at the controls of a fishing boat. One of them is on a radio  (Thomas Kettner/MOT Models)
Remco and Aad on their first professional photoshoot (Thomas Kettner/MOT Models)

The therapy involves stimulating the left and right sides of the brain alternately with eye movements, sounds or taps and has been shown to help alleviate issues associated with traumatic memories.

“After the treatment all the weight lifted off his shoulders” Remco told us. “I have seen my dad change so much.”

An older man rollerskates alongside a younger man on a bicycle(Leonard Gren/MOT Models)
“We’ve been making up for lost time” – Remco Van Der Linden (Leonard Gren/MOT Models)

Mike Illes, CEO of MOT Models, who manage the pair said: “It is very rare for a father and son to both be so photogenic and both be capable of doing top level campaigns… they also work exceptionally well together.”

Remco and Aad intend to keep having fun working together for as long as possible.

Cover image by Leonard Gren/MOT Models.

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