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A new website revolutionising the way students find jobs has just launched in the UK

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It’s no secret that finding a job as a student is like trying to catch ping pong balls in a tornado. It sucks.

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It’s not like students get any help, either. Job boards look older than dust and feature the same jobs at the same companies that you’ve probably seen a million times before, and that everyone is applying to already.

Luckily, a new site called recently launched in the United Kingdom and is now rapidly changing the way students land an internship, placement or job - while pissing off job boards and recruitment agencies across the UK.

Basically, imagine if LinkedIn and Tinder had a baby. Gross, but here’s how it works.

1. Firstly, you set up a profile - and then specify the kind of companies and jobs you find most interesting.

2. Your dashboard will then light up with both small and large employers that fit your criteria.

Here’s what I didn’t tell you: all of these employers have a genuine interest in you already.

How does know? Machine learning magic! The employers specified their ideal candidate (you) when they signed up. You’re a perfect match for them, and they’re a perfect match for you.

Unlike most careers websites, finds the privacy of its users more important than making a quick buck, so no spamming by annoying recruiters or companies you don't like. Ever. They’ll be able to view your profile, message and invite you to apply only if you click on the ‘Connect’ button in their profile. is the first careers website & app completely built by students for students and acts as more of a careers network than a job board, which makes the job hunt much more tailored and transparent.

On top of all, is and always will be free for both students and companies, which means it features a variety of positions - from start-ups like The Inner Circle and Go Cardless, to corporates like J.P. Morgan, Unilever and Amazon.

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