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Ten self-help books to motivate your way through the rest of January


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The new year is always the time for self-improvement, but what happens when it's two weeks into January and you've already failed your resolutions?

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The self-help genre may have once been something reserved for the mid-life crisis, but it's had a makeover. Support yourself through everything from anxiety to decluttering your life with our pick of ten best self-help books.


1. Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig

Author Matt Haig often speaks openly about his mental health on his twitter account, and Reasons to Stay Alive is all of those thoughts and more in one gem of a book. It's more than a memoir, it's a comforting reminder that time really does help heal all wounds, and life really is worth living.


2. Jog On, Bella Mackie

Journalist Bella Mackie writes about how running saved her after she spent her life dealing with various mental health issues. Whilst it might not be billed as a 'self-help' book per se, Bella's honest and witty account of using exercise to feel better is an uplifting read that will not only make you feel less alone, but it'll most certainly inspire you to get out and run.

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3. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight's no-nonsense guide to quite literally not giving a f*ck really is revolutionary. It's a self-help guide littered with language that would make your grandma blush, but it really is great. She teaches you to care a little bit less and stop sweating the small stuff. It's a guide to mental decluttering, with a difference.


4. An Edited Life, Anna Newton

Anna Newton the Lifestyle blogger and Youtube star behind the 'Anna Edit', has released a book. It's not your generic ghostwritten children's book either, it's a seriously helpful curated guide to organising your life. Learn how to organise everything from your calendar to your wardrobe and live 2019 in more decluttered headspace.

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5. A Beginners Guide to Losing Your Mind, Emily Reynolds

An accessible guide for anyone suffering from mental health issues. No matter how big or small, Emily Reynolds' guide will be a comfort - helping you to recognise issues and offering solutions on how to make yourself feel better. Its factual content is balanced with humour and compassion making it a truly uplifting read. 


6. Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life, Katherine Ormerod

In 2019 why not spend less time on social media? Katherine Ormerod's book is a staggering insight into the development of social media and ... yeah, you guessed it... how it's ruining our lives. From body image to family relationships, social media gives us all unrealistic expectations on how to live, but this book unravels the true and will leave you wanting to say goodbye to the internet.

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7. The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, Catherine Gray

Hands up who else tried to do dry January by the 3rd of the month had already failed? There's a stigma surrounding not drinking alcohol and Catherine Gray's book is utterly brilliant and tearing down the walls. It shows you that really don't need alcohol to live your life, and being sober can be just as fun as being drunk.


8. The Multi-Hyphen Method, Emma Gannon

In 2019, fewer and fewer people are defined by just one job. We are a nation of multi-hyphenates, but how do we manage it? Emma Gannon's guide to navigating your life and career as someone with many professions is interesting, inspiring and will leave you with an appetite to succeed.

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9. A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, Ruby Wax

Outspoken actress Ruby Wax is a long time campaigner for mental health, and this is just one of many of her books. A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled takes you through the concept of being stressed and over-worrying and teaches you how to combat it. 


10. A Good Time to be a Girl, Helena Morrissey

Women have often been behind men in terms of their careers through no fault of their own. Helena Morrissey's book is not your average career book, it's a career book for women who want to shatter glass ceilings. She is determined to succeed and her stamina is infectious and will leave you with a drive to achieve more.

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